Mr Gamification Ben Bressington, Publishes New Book GAMER Formula: Secrets of Engagement to Attract, Influence and Motivate.

Ben Bressington’s new book “GAMER Formula” tackles how to attract customers and engage them to spend more money with your business even in this bad economy. Ben Bressington teaches business owners how to do business in this digital world leveraging the addictive nature of games and play with the GAMER Formula.

“Games have changed the way we communicate and customers are seeking experiences from businesses they can share with there friends, to which the average business owner is failing to provide their customers.” said by Ben Bressington. “Gamification has been one of the buzz words of 2013 but many fail to implement gamification into their business to increase customer engagement and acquistion, customer loyalty and retention. The GAMER Formula makes it easy to implement the additive and fun nature of games to anything.”

Bing Gordon, Partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins “Every startup CEO should understand gamification, because gaming is the new normal.”

Gordon elaborated “ Gamification is as important as social and mobile. Rewarding people for behavior is pure human physiology that should be part of every business. Your customer experiences can be designed around this three pronged approach Acquire, Engage, Retain. Gamification makes you focus on the users experience to really create the WOW your customers want. We’re in an era where we can have billion dollar audiences, there’s no harm in using a few tried and true devices to keep people coming back.”

Ben Bressington makes it easy for business owners to design a user experience that is fun and rewarding to increase productivity, performance and sales. “Using game mechanics and addictive nature of games allows you to design and build a community of raving fans”. Bressington helps business owners increase their engagement, conversions and sales by applying the GAMER Formula to their business.

Bressington has been applying this approach to business for years and has work with various companies around the world.

Jordan Belfort, Author of Wolf of Wall Street stated “Ben assess’s our products and gives us ideas on how to improve engagement, retention and monetization that really creates momentum for our business.”

“I’m all about having the competitive advantage in whatever I do. Ben has provided me the tools to absolutely crush it! I can’t endorse him enough. He’s the real deal!” Dr Ron Eccles

For more information on Ben Bressington visit or Ben’s book GAMER Formula is available at or any good book store.