Mortgage Originator Rob Sekel Helps Real Estate Professionals with Authority Positioning And Branding

Rob Sekel built his reputation through hard work, innovative thinking, client advocacy. Rob sets his expectations high. He quickly rose to the top as one of the youngest top producers about a decade ago when he first entered the mortgage industry. “It’s easy to be successful if you have a passion and love for what you do.” Rob has said. “What’s more satisfying and rewarding than helping buyers finance their dream home or real estate owners leverage their investments.”

Rob is now helping other Real Estate professionals reach the same ‘top producer’ status.

“The provided information and resources show how real estate professionals can easily position themselves as a top expert in their industry,” stated Rob Sekel

“In response to the real estate market, the value add on service will help real estate agents position themselves as a leader of their industry and local celebrity status,” said Rob.

“The main thing I see holding real estate professionals from moving to the top level, is their belief that they aren’t a top producer. Real estate agents need to break free from some of the archaic ways of branding and marketing,” says Sekel.

“Authority branding is about positioning the right way, so the public will have others calling them the expert. It is the process of changing real estate agents that see themselves as “common” or a commodity into a person of power in their industry. It is the new era of branding yourself,” said Rob.

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