Moonlighting Wants Freelancers Worldwide To Own a Piece of the Gig Economy

In recent news, top gig economy companies Uber and Airbnb announced their intentions to share some of their stakes with drivers and hosts in a recent article published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Uber, Airbnb could make gig workers part-owners. The announcement spread quickly after their correspondences to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requesting legal adjustments to allow them to offer equity to their contractors. The fact that these two companies are not public companies denies them a chance to execute their motive until the relevant bureaucracies are reviewed, which leaves their fate to SEC.

Leading freelance platform company Moonlighting shares the same sentiment as Uber and Airbnb but has actually gone a step further and created a vehicle to invest in their company. By offering equity ownership in the company, Moonlighting wants to reward its nearly 700,000 independent contractors and invite millions more to join in the freelance revolution. In a gig economy where everyone has the freedom to join and leave at their discretion, this move is definitely an attractive selling point to use their platform and become lifelong fans.

“Our mission from day one was to give our customers a sense that Moonlighting was theirs,” shared Jeff Tennery Founder and CEO for Moonlighting. “By allowing them to buy into our company, they can share in our success as we disrupt a $168B staffing and recruiting industry.”

The bold move to invite the freelance world to hold a stake in Moonlighting at this early stage is a thrilling one for many freelancers who also want the opportunity to benefit as an investor. Moonlighting partnered with leading crowdfunding platform, where investors can invest between $100 and up to $10,000.

Freelance graphic designer and digital marketer, Eric Bowers, who is both an investor and a user of the Moonlighting platform said: “I have used similar platforms and found this to be a viable community I currently use myself and wanted to help support it.


About Moonlighting

Moonlighting is a mobile, on-demand solution empowering people to earn extra money and hire talented professionals quickly. Moonlighting creates a virtual marketplace for freelancers and small businesses to hire or be hired directly from mobile devices. With a blockchain powered platform, Moonlighting provides a full turnkey solution with a suite of tools to empower millions of independent workers. Built four years ago from Charlottesville, VA-based, Moonlighting is turning the traditional hiring on its head by cutting out middlemen and updating antiquated staffing models with a mobile app that puts people in the gig economy within minutes.

Moonlighting believes that a successful gig economy has to strike balance between the client needs and the worker’s free will. And like Uber and Airbnb, they recognize the important role that freelancers will play in the company’s long-term success.

As part of the campaign and to spread the word on this investment opportunity, Moonlighting will be appearing on “Meet the Drapers” a shark-tank like reality series hosted by world-renowned venture capitalist Tim Draper and his family. The show will air in early December 2018 and will air on Sony Entertainment Television in 140+ countries worldwide. You can see a promotional clip here: “Meet the Drapers: Moonlighting

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