MOJO 5.0, ” FREE RADIO ADVERTISING “, Black Friday, 12-Hour Marathon Event, November 23rd, 2018 From 6:am-6:pm EST, in Ft. Worth Texas

That’s right – MOJO 5.0 radio is helping Building America – One company at a time.
Our Mission is to raise awareness of over 200 businesses across America.
All callers to the shows will receive up to 5 minutes on-air to promote their products and services. Call anytime between 6am-6pm EST.

A fun, upbeat, live, on-air broadcast that represents the best of America hosted by Doc Thompson, Brad Staggs, Matt Locke, Producer Ron with special guest Chef Patrick from Spoony radio. 

Registered companies will receive priority status at the top of each hour to minimize wait-time. To register, email with your preferred dial-in time.

If you are or will be local to the DFW area on November 23rd, please come by and visit/tour our flagship studios, join us for refreshments and even join us live on-air.

Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing, producer and host of Rise Up Radio on Business Innovators Radio, authorized contributor to Authority PressWire submitting media worthy content to over 350+ Affiliate Network Partners including NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators Radio, and Magazine. Interviewing, Top-Performing Professionals that can CONNECT with your city’s people and businesses, INSPIRE all of us to achieve our dreams, TRANSFORM the city by focusing on the resilience of the people and positively IMPACT all who live and work there.