Miles O’Brien Riley, Ph.D., Releases New Book “How Much Love”

Miles O’Brien Riley is a firm believer that love is both the reason and the answer as we make our way through this life, In his most recent book, “How Much Love,” Riley harnesses the examples of Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, and Jesus Christ as he takes readers on a memorable, truth-filled journey.

The book’s title was inspired by Mother Teresa’s favorite mantra, “It really does not matter what we do in this life, sisters and brothers in Christ. What matters is How Much Love we do it with!” All the stories in “How Much Love” are about love and the people who loved Riley directly or indirectly.

Riley says, “Their love inspired me and taught me how to love myself, others and God because love is an art form we learn when others love us. We are not born loving; we are born needing, and we are born hungry, but we have to learn to love, and we learn it through the modeling that we experience in our lives. That love is what this book is about.”

“How Much Love” is available in digital and printed versions on at

About Miles O’Brien Riley, Ph.D.

A lifelong passion for uplifting and inspiring people through every stage of life has driven Miles

O’Brien Riley, Ph.D., through a five-decade career as a teacher, spiritual advisor, counselor, and active parish priest.

An enthusiastic learner, Riley earned a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and Philosophy at Stanford and St. Patrick’s Universities. He went on to earn doctorates in Communication at the University of California, Berkeley, and Ethics at Gregorian University in Rome and the Graduate Theological Union.

In addition to his 55 years of practical teaching, preaching, and advising, Miles has spent 30 years as a globetrotting speaker and trainer, leading seminars and workshops in 48 states and 50 countries. Over the years, he’s published 14 books, written and directed five musicals and 10 films, and produced and hosted 2,000 TV and 5,000 radio programs. He’s been honored for these efforts with three Emmys and 10 Gabriel Awards for outstanding broadcasting.