Michelle Bosch Turns Land Investments into Forever Cash for New Investors

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Michelle Bosch is giving investors their time back with her life-changing land investment education.

Bosch is a seasoned land investor who offers forever income opportunities that include land and multi-family units. Since 2002, she has completed over 4,000 real estate transactions and runs a successful educational business with her husband, Jack, in addition to her investment company.

“We continue to invest in land, and we have an educational aspect to the land part of investing that we do. We have this whole educational infrastructure already that a beginning investor could run with,” Bosch explains.

That educational dynamic is what makes Bosch a viable partner for new investors to work with. Her offerings include a home study course, live events, masterminds and one-on-one coaching.

“We have built and developed  a team to help someone to become an investor and flip their first piece of land within the first 60 to 90 days.”

Bosch also offers multifamily investment opportunities—apartment buildings where she and her husband syndicate equity for 100+ unit projects. The pair, both immigrants from Honduras and Germany respectively, began investing after growing a significant dissatisfaction with their jobs in consulting.  

“We traveled 100 percent of the time with our jobs, and we just hated what we did. I’m originally from Honduras, and decided to go back to my family roots of investing in real estate because I could see how real estate investments had always provided for my mother and I after my father passed away”

Bosch was inspired to pursue real estate investing, but she knew that without the construction experience and know-how to build or rehab a home, she had to find a different way to purchase property. As self-proclaimed ‘contrarians,’ the two stumbled into land investing while the rest of their peers focused on housing.

“We stumbled into land through tax lien and tax deed auctions and figured out a way to get pieces of land way before they would go to the tax auction, and then we would buy them for pennies on the dollar and flip them,” Bosch recalls.

“The first year, we did about 60 deals. The second year, we did about 100 deals. By year three, after we were both doing this full time, we had made our first million dollars, and we were no longer selling pieces of property one at a time to individual people. We were selling them in big land auctions where we would sell 200 pieces of land in one day, and we did one of these auctions per quarter. So we were selling 800 pieces of land a year.”

Since that first year, Bosch has expanded her investing to include selling land using seller financing, meaning she operates as the bank and has the seller make a down payment followed by subsequent monthly payments. It’s her financial philosophy to generate ‘forever cash’ or passive cash flow versus ‘one-time cash’ in a single sale. The next move at that point was to purchase single-family homes.

“We own a nice size portfolio of single-family rental homes in three markets. Back in 2009, we were sitting on a ton of liquidity from the land, and we went shopping because America was for sale. And in 2016, we wondered, ‘Okay, how can we go from just acquiring one door at a time to acquiring many doors at a time?’” Bosch now owns several apartment buildings, each with approximately 100-150 units, all managed by a first in class property management company.

When it comes to educating investors, Bosch enjoys transferring her years of experience in investing to teach new investors about the generous opportunities awaiting them in land investing. Her motto is to “never be transactional but always transformational.”

“We’re helping investors that don’t know how to do real estate, to get better returns than they’re getting in the stock or house market.  In addition, we’re now also are transformational by syndicating equity and buying big portfolios of apartments and generating passive income for everyone in the process.

“For the last 16 years we have been actively investing and teaching real estate investors since 2008. My heart goes out to those people who don’t know another way but through working themselves to death for 65 years to at some point enjoy something if there’s any life left after that. My heart also goes out to the business owners or investors out there who are in a constant hustle without building any real wealth or passive cash flow.”

Bosch runs four events per year across the US where people come to learn about real estate investing. The two also host a free Facebook group called Forever Cash Club, and a Podcast called Forever Cash Real Estate Life.

Her newest project, where she will share the benefit of investing in land, is an upcoming book Wealth For Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2018.  To learn more about Michelle, visit www.michellebosch.com or www.landprofitgenerator.com.

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