Michele Landers Is Bringing Clients’ Dreams Into Reality

Michele Landers of Michele Landers & Associate (www.michelelanders.com) is anxious to help her clients change their lives. By encouraging them to rely more on themselves and less on the external factors all around them, Landers believes that people can be active participants in creating their own destiny. An established life coach and a noted numerologist, Landers is a firm believer that with the right messaging and a little fine tuning, her clients are capable of living happy, fulfilled and miraculous lives.

“My programs ‘Living Miraculously’ and my numerology programs and charts will take your life from ordinary to extraordinary,” Landers says. Landers uses her life coaching skills to gently push her clients toward greater self confidence and the discovery and realization of their life’s goals, their purpose and their natural talents. With twenty-five years of experience in the fields of Psychology, Self-empowerment, and Numerology, Landers draws on her rich and diverse background to create custom approaches for each of her clients. She gets to know them, helps them grow, and then assists them as they overcome whatever obstacles may be in the way.

“What is most rewarding for me is knowing that people have benefited from my programs and that maybe, they don’t have to struggle so much in life,” Landers says. “That they realize they have the internal power to change their lives, to be pro-active, not reactive. To live more ‘inside’ or intuitively and less influenced by the world outside of them. To know that they can consciously co create a miraculous life.”

A life coach for life, it is important to Landers that her clients know, she is living out her life’s mission, not pursuing a second career. “I wasn’t in the corporate world of some unrelated field two years ago and just decided to become a life coach,” Landers says. “I practice what I preach.”

Landers’ unique perspective, diverse approach, and glowing personality are getting plenty of attention. She has projects in all stages of development including being featured in coaching pilot currently being pitched to Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network and a screenplay that will be shown to Hollywood film executives later this year.

Although all aspects of her career are important, Landers is most concerned with providing her individual clients with the care and guidance they need to move forward in their lives with confidence and an open mind. “I have to say that I believe my work is invaluable. I’m not bragging, because truly, I’m presenting age old beliefs, ideas and practices. I’m just the messenger,” Landers says. “However, I also believe I present and share these gems of living in a gentle, non-judgmental and non-absolute way that allows people to really hear the wisdom of how to live an extraordinary life.”

For more information about Michele Landers and Michele Landers & Associate, visit: http://www.michelelanders.com.