Michael Schmidlen Knows Why Technology Is The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Michael E. Schmidlen is a serial solo entrepreneur who has successfully run his multimillion dollar, home-based technology business for over two decades. Michael has been featured as an expert in sales and business achievement on national TV, radio and magazines. He is a genius at finding and implementing innovative technology to help small businesses create limitless possibilities. That’s why Michael insists that technology is the entrepreneur’s best friend.

At no time in recent history has it ever been easier for anyone to start a business, establish a personal “brand” and operate nationally or even globally. The many barriers to entry that previously existed as recently as a couple of years ago are gone. There are no excuses for not pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

Many fundamental business functions that once required significant staff and expense have been replaced by easy-to-use, plug-and-play software platforms that anyone can quickly learn. Even audio, video and printed training tools are readily available and relatively inexpensive, in some cases free.

If you can type on a keyboard, you can handle on your own just about anything that needs to be done. Many expensive software applications have now been replaced by cost effective monthly software subscriptions. Need graphics? Online tools are available to help you, including free stock photos that you can download off the Internet. As your business grows, you can invest in professional assistance to make your graphic design as slick as possible. But at least at first, you can become a passable “graphic artist” to help further minimize start-up expenses.

We live in an interconnected world, whereby information is exchanged around the clock at the speed of fiber optic light. Not only has technology gotten increasingly better, easier to use and less expensive, but you also have the ability to communicate and work with people who are located anywhere. Need to actually talk to your team or transfer large files to them? Use Skype, Google Drive or a host of paid services such as “SendStuffNow.” You can host your own webinars on Google Plus and a myriad of other platforms that are either free or available for a small fee. Welcome to the global village.

Your self-sufficiency in these basic tasks frees up resources to inexpensively hire specialists, such as a website designer, a copywriter, a marketing and advertising manager, and a videographer. These “virtual” workers can live anywhere in the world. Global competition benefits you, because these specialists fiercely compete on price. There are even programs that give you step-by-step directions for interviewing and hiring these people and software that allows you to manage your remote workforce and efficiently outsource on a per project basis.

What’s more, these technology solutions continually improve with the introduction of new versions. Sure, it’s possible to become distracted by the latest, shiniest “toys.” To avoid getting overwhelmed by technology, my time-tested advice is to find a set of tools that serve your specific needs, master them, and then upgrade or replace as necessary. Keep an open mind to the possibilities, but also stay focused on your priorities.

Michael Schmidlen states, “The most successful small business owners will be passionate about using technology. They will be able to handle the fast paced world of communications and connection because of this passion. I urge you to join them as soon as you can. The tools are waiting.”

Michael is currently working on his book, The Underwear Entrepreneur – The Definitive Guide To Working From Home, where he shares his many business experiences and unique stories. The book is designed to be a blueprint for other small business owners, would-be entrepreneurs and start-ups to beat the overwhelming odds to create a successful, thriving small business model. To learn more, go to http://www.underwearentrepreneur.com.