Metabolic Sports Nutritionist Isaac Calvert Educates Using Exercise And Nutrition

Isaac Calvert has been in the Health and Fitness profession for six years which makes him a veteran in an industry where the standard retention rate of Personal Trainers is around three months. Calvert is one of only fifty Level 4 Metabolic Precision Qualification experts in the world which makes him an Advanced Fitness Professional and a Metabolic Sports Nutritionist allowing him to teach clients exactly what, how much and when to eat to get their desired health and fitness results.

As Calvert says: “We empower and educate our clients so they reach their optimum health using exercise and nutrition. The by-product of optimum health is looking, feeling and performing at their best. In our world looking is about body composition, feeling is health and performing is about energy production. We teach clients to workout for no longer than 3% of their week and the nutrition methods and nutrient timing we prescribe will accelerate the results from every minute spent exercising, which can enhance the results from exercise by up to 400%.”

The fitness business is a multi-billion dollar industry. The number of commercial products bought and sold and the different types of fitness activities has grown exponentially over the years. Despite an all- time low in actual physical fitness around the globe, consumer spending on fitness is growing.

There is however a huge amount of noise in the health and fitness profession. Hardly a week goes by when there is not another new “right” way to lose weight and get fit or advice on what is the best way, or the fastest way. It is certainly an industry plagued by fads and myths, making it impossible for almost all consumers to know the best course of action.

Calvert says: “There seems to be a new pill or potion coming out every week that promises the world yet the simple truth is that is science light years away from creating a magic pill or potion that does all the work that exercise and eating well does for you. It is all very confusing and it is a big challenge to find what is right especially when professionals and experts are feeding this misinformation into the market. People are confused by the overload of conflicting information.”

Do a quick search around on the Internet for weight loss tips, diet secrets, health advice, or fat burning supplements, and you will find millions of articles and websites claiming that they have the answers to your problems with many claiming rapid results. Health and fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry with billions of dollars being spent every year on nutrition supplements, personal trainers, weight loss counselors, special meal plans, fitness workout products and so much more.

It seems nothing is sacred when it comes to advice about health and fitness. Recent research published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that 9 out of 10 health entries on Wikipedia contain errors. From heart disease and lung cancer to depression and diabetes, the scientists found most of the articles contained errors. Frighteningly, the study pointed out that regardless of these facts, as many as 70% of physicians and medical students have used it as a source for information.

According to Calvert: “One of the most popular misconceptions people have is around calorie awareness. People do not understand that if you are eating the right foods, they are actually calorie sparse and nutrient rich so it becomes very, and I mean very, hard to over eat. Success doesn’t come from just avoiding the bad foods and eating the good. You have to have an environment for success, a great support network, tools and strategies for every occasion. You have to make sure you have the best choices available at the right times, otherwise you will fail. Your program needs to have stood the test of time and be sustainable in your life. And it must improve your health, your body composition and your performance. If it doesn’t do all three, then it is not going to work.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt had sage advice about democracy. Perhaps, if he was alive today he would utter the same warning about health and fitness: “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”

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