Melody Keymer Harper Hosts Speakers Money Train In January 2020

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Melody Keymer Harper, is an international speaker, 6 times bestselling author, entertainer, and TV/Podcast host of “Ignite Your Influence Now!” and “Speakers Money Train!”

She is hosting Speakers Money Train Jan. 9-11, 2020 in Irvine, CA. Get info:

She has over 40 years experience in showbiz and the world of business teaching speaking, communication, story telling, and stage presence strategies to: Stand Out as the Expert in Your Field, Make an Impact With Your Message, and Magnetically Attract New Clients to catapult your business to greater heights.

Aside from acting in the movie Double Trouble with Elvis Presley, Melody has worked with and also shared the stage and screen with some of the most highly sought after speaking giants including: Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and Jack Canfield and celebrities including: Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Carson, Suzanne Sommers, Anthony Hopkins, and many more.

Twice a year Melody enjoys presenting her 3-day intensive “Ignite your Speaking Power” Bootcamps and 2-Day “Speakers Money Train” Retreats for business professionals, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs who want to get more high paying clients, more speaking gigs, and more profits in their business.

Learn how you can drive a stampede of new customers rushing to the back of the room to sign up for your programs every time you speak. Melody can help you put your train on the Right Track in 2020!

Tamara "Ask Tami" Patzer

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