Medical Tourism Expert, John Cote, Interviewed On Podcasting Magazine

This week, Mobile Apps Expert and Co-Founder of Podcasting Magazine, Drew Griffin, interviewed well known Health and Medical Tourism Expert, John Cote about his innovative project and podcast, Healthcare Elsewhere. The podcast features interviews and stories about how medical tourism has the power to change lives.

 Over the last decade, Medical Tourism has become more commonplace when patients discover a particular medical service or treatment is not offered in their local area.

John Cote states, “Just because you are in a major city, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the ability to treat you for what your medical problem is.” This is the catalyst for patients to seek treatment in other cities, states, or even, countries.

 Of course, this process yields very emotional and compelling stories of how individuals with unique circumstances have entrusted their health to others in ways and in places they never expected.

Cote had a very personal experience with medical tourism 20 years ago when his wife, a cancer survivor, sought non-conventional treatment of her Lymphoma. Her prognosis was poor, but she was able to participate in a cancer study in another city that offered an experimental vaccine as treatment. Thankfully, the treatment was successful and she has been healthy since.

This experience planted the seeds for Cote’s long time interest in medical tourism. 

Cote created a project called Healthcare Elsewhere, creating podcasts which focus on telling the stories of personal transformation and medical victories achieved through travel. According to Cote, there has been a tremendous outpouring of positive response toward podcasts featuring stories on medical tourism from both the medical field and the public. He believes that digital magazine podcasting on any topic allows you to be “everywhere now,” meeting the trending demand seen by the rise in the number of consumers who are constantly “connected” via smart phones and other mobile devices.

While Cote’s podcast, Healthcare Elsewhere, focuses on positive medical tourism stories, successful podcasts can cover any topic. Cote offers advice for first-time podcasters, “Just be yourself. Just start. Launch. Don’t delay.” He adds, for a couple hundred bucks you can be up and running with nice equipment.

Cote stresses to not get bogged down by all the logistics of establishing an official business. “A weekly podcast is very doable for the average person,” he says. According to Cote, the best way of getting people’s initial interest is to “tell the hero’s story.” Be confidant, authentic and position yourself as an expert in your field. There is great podcast content out there to listen to for inspiration. Proceed with caution though; becoming a podcast listener can be very addictive!

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