Media Expert Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. To Help Female Entrepreneurs To Be The Go-To Expert In Their Fields With New Free Virtual Retreat- The Top Authority Activation Retreat

Since the pandemic, the online coaching and consultancy world is becoming more competitive. Entrepreneurs are seen to transition from a traditional brick and mortar  physical space to a virtual space to feed the demands of the working from home lifestyle shift.

According to Dr. Izdihar, one of  the ways  that female entrepreneurs can stand out from the crowd is by positioning themselves as the go-to expert  in their fields. Dr Izdihar further clarified that there are six steps to build your brand as the authority-  becoming a bestselling author, getting media endorsements, being featured on high profile publications such as Forbes, being interviewed as an expert on  TV, getting interviewed as guests  on high profile platforms and speaking on TEDx and other international stages.

Potential  clients  want to work with the  best  in the industry and they are more likely to convert  to paying  clients  when they see evidence of a media feature, association and endorsements from globally trusted organizations due to the  trust and credibility factors.

However,  PR Agency often charge a large amount for clients who want to get such media  and publicity. Dr Izdihar saw this gap and this lead to her creating the FREE Top Authority Activation Virtual Retreat to help female entrepreneurs learn how to position themselves as an  experts and get media publicity for free.

Speaking on her inspiration of creating the retreat, Dr Izdihar said “As they build their business, it is crucial for female entrepreneurs to have a solid brand that is recognized by globally trusted organizations. This free virtual retreat is  a safe and intimate space for any female entrepreneurs to learn authority positioning with zero investment.”

The  Top Authority Activation Retreat is an accelerated method to help female entrepreneurs to be bestselling authors, get in the media, high profile publications  like  Forbes, get  booked in magazines and podcasts, get  featured  on TV, radio  and speak on TEDx stage.

Jessica Fox who is one of the Authority Coach in the retreat  said “Izdihar really opened up how simple it can be for someone to truly gain the credibility and exposure media can offer. Media no longer seems so mysterious or daunting. With her simple system and roadmap, I now see that I can truly grow my credibility as a coach and consultant.”

Dr  Izdihar Jamil  is considered the go-to media expert for female entrepreneurs,  having been  featured on  Forbes, Fox  TV, NBC, CBS, ABC, TED  Ed and hundreds of media outlets. She is also an 8 x #1 International Bestselling Author of It Is Done! And  Yes I Can! In 2021, Izdihar was inducted into the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who biography in recognizing her contribution as the top 5% in the industry with Warren Buffet and Oprah. She has also spoken on hundreds of prestigious events  and interviews all around the world and was featured on multiple international  magazines.

Dr. Izdihar hopes that  female entrepreneurs will take advantage of the free Top Authority Activation Retreat to help position themselves  as the go-to expert  in their fields with simple  no-fuss methods that work.

Sara Ruda who participated in the retreat said “The retreat that Dr Izdihar Jamil held was refreshing and so much fun! She was able to cover all the big topics with amazing energy and she is relentless in the pursuit of her goals and encouraging you to reach yours.”

Francisca Garcés also added  that “Dr Izdihar Jamil’s retreat was so inspiring! It is so important to touch on subjects like confidence and overcoming fears as female entrepreneurs, and they highlighted these topics! Izdihar makes us feel everything is possible with each talk of the retreat!!”

For more information about the retreat and how it can help you  to build your authority  visit:

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. is a media expert and is a 10 x #1 International Bestselling Author of It Is Done, Yes I Can and Women Who Lead and has spoken on hundreds of prestigious events and interviews all around the world. She was featured on Forbes, Fox TV, NBC, CBS, ABC, CW, Thrive Global and hundreds of media and publications. She was featured on the prestigious TED platform sharing her idea on overcoming social adversity as an immigrant, hijab wearing woman. Izdihar is an influential trailblazer and an inspirational leader in helping female entrepreneurs to be the #1 go-to expert in their fields with her simple, no-fuss methods. She has helped over 100 people to be a #1 international bestselling author, get in the media, magazines, high profile interviews and publications. Izdihar lives in California with her husband and three kids and in her spare time she loves reading and baking for her family.