Mayda Rondon Becomes #1 Bestselling Author in New Anthology Book, Women Who Inspire Greatness

Mayda Rondon became an Amazon Bestselling Author when she was featured in a multi-author book that hit the #1 Amazon Bestseller List on launch day in October 2019. Amazon listed the book as Number 1 among all Teen & Young Adult Business & Economics eBooks and Number 2 among all 90-minute Business & Money Short Reads. The book also hit the Number 1 Hot New Release List in the 90-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads category.

The book provides lessons and useful insights for women and teen girls by highlighting the personal and professional journeys of 8 women business owners, authors, speakers and community leaders who have overcome life’s challenges and are now using their story, mission and platform to transform thousands of lives. The book is organized in an easy to read Question and Answer format that provides answers to the most common questions asked by their loyal followers, prospective clients and members of the press.

Mayda Felicia Gonzalez Rondon was born on July 10, 1961, in Cuba in a little town called Oriente Las tunas. She is the middle child of 3 girls.

At the age of 9 years old, she immigrated to the USA in the company of her two sisters and parents, Oreste Gonzalez and Ana Gloria Rondon. She settles in a town called Hempstead Long Island in New York City. She attended Hempstead high school, where she graduated in the class of 1978.

Immediately after graduating from high school, she entered the Berkeley Claremont School in White Plains, New York. She obtained an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising Management and Marketing.

 In 1988, she relocated to Miami, Florida, where she continued her flair for fashion and spreading random acts of kindness. Mayda became very involved in charity events and organizations, served on the board of Missing Children Global Net, The Hialeah Faith Committee Group, and Dress for Success Miami as a Fashion Stylist.

She dedicated most of her adult life to the fashion industry, where she held various management positions with worldwide known retailers.

After getting married and having three beautiful girls, she decided to take a break from the fashion merchandising industry. Mayda changed her career path and worked in the cable communications industry for 15 years until both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer and passed away. 

She decided to step down from corporate America and relocate to Dallas, Texas.

After settling into her new home, she became very involved in the community with charity and volunteer work. She has a deep love for the elderly and women survivors of different types of hardships, Domestic Violence, The Me Too Movement, and Cancer survivors. She decided to create her own non-profit, United Hearts in Action.

She has dedicated her life to spreading random acts of kindness as a cancer survivor. Her philanthropy projects and tenacious attitude, despite all odds, are the legacies that she will hand over to her three beautiful daughters and ten grandchildren.

Readers can learn more about Mayda’s mission and story in the book.

 “Women Who Inspire Greatness: 8 Powerhouse Women Share Their Stories on Overcoming Challenges, Achieving Success and Finding Joy in Business and Life” is available on Amazon in an eBook and paperback version at

Launching Leaders Publishing Group has partnered with to pledge 100% of the royalties from the retail sales of the book to be donated to Finding Faith Within, which helps support women and their children who are fleeing domestic violence secure safe shelter and resources. The organization also teaches self-worth, healthy boundaries, goal-setting, leadership and more to today’s teen girls ages 12-18.

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