Maureen Pisani San Diego Hypnotherapy | Using Mind-Body Connection to Reduce Pain

San Diego hypnotherapist Maureen Pisani says “Physical pain can be conquered through hypnotherapy”. There is no doubt pain is devastating for one’s attempt to have a good today and a better tomorrow. When dealing with physical pain, always see a medical doctor first, and then get a referral to a hypnotherapist. Go to your physician and get the pain checked out, this is an essential step that must be taken before seeing a hypnotherapist. If there is a medical origin, the physician will treat it appropriately.

Choosing the right hypnotherapist to stop your pain is paramount. Maureen said “There are three areas that must be explored before choosing the hypnotherapist that is right for you, Their experience and how they practice, their education and the rapport between the client and the hypnotherapist.”

It is important to ask the hypnotherapist how long they’ve been in practice and what their background is. For some, hypnotherapy is a second career, that could bring a lot of prior experience to the table that can, and usually does, assist the client in their journey. The client should ask what the therapist’s approach is with regards to their particular circumstance. Unfortunately, there are some individuals out there who have taken a weekend course and claim to be a hypnotherapist. Luckily, most have a solid education. When a client is researching, doing their due diligence for hypnotherapists, asking about their educational level is essential. It is also incredibly important to ask the therapist if they have continued their education. There is a huge difference between a therapist who has been in practice for 19 years and has done no additional training verses a therapist who has been in practice for 7 years and who has continued their studies throughout the years.

Whenever we meet people, it takes us about 17 seconds to decide whether we like them or not. Considering that successful hypnotherapy sessions are highly influenced by the rapport that is built between the therapist and the client, it is highly recommend that the client call a few therapists and ask the same set of questions. As long as the client is asking the same set of questions, he/she will be able to compare notes as to how each therapist responded. Whether it was in too much detail, was too aloof, was too abrupt, didn’t answer the phone, didn’t respond to the voice-mail, was welcoming, condescending, or too quick, etc. Once the client speaks with the different therapists, he/she can make an educated decision with regards to whom he/she felt the most comfortable.

Then and only then, will the sessions flow smoothly, because the client is already in a positive state of mind, ready to work on their presenting complaint with someone he/she likes.

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