Matthew Martino’s “Lets Fly Academy” Makes Flying A Reality For Aspiring Pilots

For hundreds of years man has aspired to soar thru the skies. Despite the many challenges and the breakneck speeds, freedom and adventure has drawn man and woman to reach out to be pilots and touch the skies. Thanks to Matthew C Martino’s Lets Fly Academy, an online resource, which provides information on flight training, flight schools and the basics that an aspiring pilot needs to know, becoming a pilot has become even more accessible to the public.

Matthew Martino, Founder of Lets Fly Academy gave us a glimpse of his ground breaking academy in a recent interview.

Tell us how did you get started and what inspired you to start Lets Fly Academy?

Martino: Lets Fly Academy is an aviation consultancy firm which provides information and consultancy to aspiring pilots. I first started in 2013 after releasing my first book “Lets Fly” I wanted to have a initiative that supported pilots and made it easier to become a pilot.

Tell us what make Lets Fly Academy standout, what unique about your academy?

Martino: We work solely to improve the knowledge of aspiring pilots and we have a charitable approach. Our main aim is to serve pilots and make sure the everyone who wants to be a pilot knows that they can if they truly want to, regardless of economic status.

What to you think appeals to students about your academy?

Martino: We have a customer focused approach and although we operate out of small offices in London we make sure that well are accessible to aspiring pilots worldwide through the online application.  We are dedicated to marketing to be sure to reach that worldwide audience.

What would you say is Let Fly’s specialty?

Martino: We specialize in giving aspiring pilots information on what licenses they need to fly and advising them what medical conditions still fly with. We also run competition to give away flights and pilot equipment to help our student achieve their goal and make flying more attainable.

For someone who is not familiar with Lets Fly Academy what can they expect?

Martino: Anyone finding us and making use of our mobile app can expect the we will cater to their every need when it comes to aviation training. They can expect to have all their questions regarding flying answered and where possible we will also be able to provide sponsorships or bursaries for aspiring pilots.

What other tips can readers appreciate about your Lets Fly Academy?

Martino: I think having a central location for information is key to the enjoyment of Lets Fly Academy. The fact that it’s free doesn’t hurt. We also have the “Lets Fly Pilots Manual” by Matthew C Martino and the Lets Fly App which help us reach a worldwide audience. We are soon going to be opening a retail arm which will sell pilot clothing and equipment which will further our mission of helping to make aviation a reality for many people.

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