Matthew J Peters, Video Marketing Expert, Addresses Entrepreneurial Marketing Overwhelm With Service That Increases Market Reach and Authority

Matthew J Peters, Founder of Expert Video Empire changed the game today by answering the call of the growing demand for higher quality videos for business marketing.

Matthew and his team focus on helping entrepreneurs, industry leaders and experts get found on Google and YouTube and positions them as authorities in their industry by combining YouTube marketing strategies with high-end “cinematic” marketing videos.

“Video is a powerful tool that few people are taking advantage of and it isn’t because they haven’t heard the message. The biggest thing I see that stops people from marketing with video powerfully is trying to do it all themselves with an iPhone in their spare time. Entrepreneurs are notorious for setting out to learn how to do everything in the name of saving a few dollars; creating the products, servicing  customers, marketing their business with social media, handling bookkeeping, and if there is time, make videos that get results. The fact is it is costing them dearly,” says Matthew Peters.

“We’ve taken the frustration of learning how to market with video, keeping up with YouTube’s changes and the technology of making marketing videos and have assembled a very unique service that not only sets up our clients as authorities through video quality and clearness of message, we also make it supremely accessible to the world through fully optimizing the tools that sites like YouTube provide for small business.”

Timothy Ferriss, Author and Angel Investor echoes the importance of outsourcing tasks that can be done by others in becoming more productive.  He says, “It is important to take baby steps toward paying others to do work for you. Few do it, which is another reason so few people have their ideal lifestyles.”

This is about a new way of branding entrepreneurial businesses. When positioned in the right way, the public sees little difference between someone who they recognize from an internet video and someone from television. When a potential client sees a video made by a business, that video must create an instant connection, build trust and establish the quality of the business in the mind of the viewer.

Videos that don’t hold up to the growing quality standards, don’t connect or seem inauthentic don’t get watched.

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates and to get ahead they must choose what to spend the precious hours of their day on to not only get ahead, but also be recognized for the results they excel at. Building authority through video is something that Peters has been doing for years.

“The videos we created have helped to make me over six figures within 30 days of making them. They were an integral part of creating my branding message,” said Declan Barnett, Global Wealth Strategist of

Entrepreneur and Radio Talk Show Host Jim Beach explained how his business saw profits grow by using a few of these strategies, “This is Matthew’s second time on the show. We used his advice and saw sales grow immediately, so we wanted to make sure all our listeners heard his great advice.”

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