Matt Hallisy San Diego Advanced Sales Trainer Teaches Pick-Up Artists Methods To Seduce Prospects

Matt Hallisy tells us, “Salespeople should be using advanced negotiating methods to get their prospects to ask them for the sale.” Every sales trainer teaches you to surrender your power and negotiating leverage and pander to prospects with the hope that if you do it enough times they will eventually buy from you. It doesn’t work. Any results are a product of good fortune. Very much like throwing enough stuff on a wall and having some of it stick.

There are millions of salespeople in this country who are working way too hard to get mediocre results at best. They get rejected day after day hoping to one day get elite results. The problem is that the reasons they don’t get the results they want is that the methods they were taught don’t work.

Sales training is boring and (more importantly) unhelpful. Most salespeople only get competency based training once (or once a year if they are lucky), in which they sit bored in a classroom learning the same things they have been taught in the past. They are being taught things that just don’t work. As a matter of fact, everything that is taught in mainstream sales training does not work. All it does is frustrate salespeople and cause them to be more desperate and manipulative – just to earn a buck.

The people that advertise themselves as “Underground Pick-Up Artists” use skills that speak to the most basic human needs and desires. We all have those same needs and desires and they use those to make their “sale”.

Instead of doing the same boring things that make you work harder and get rejected more, you must get in the mind of your prospect so that you can shape their decision to buy from you. You must take back the power and control in your career instead of willingly surrendering it to strangers just to make a buck.

People don’t trust salespeople. And maybe they shouldn’t either. Hard working salespeople who love what they do must learn how to get better results with less work, and 100% honesty, forthrightness, and integrity.

Touch the inner beliefs, the true needs and the deep seated desires and they will ask you to please help them.

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