Mary Lee Cudd, PA-C Educates And Coaches Patients On Looking Younger And Living Healthier

Mary Lee Cudd, PA-C, owner and operator of Elan Med Spa, is interviewed by Don Matheson, President of Business Builders Network, a local business think tank in Fayetteville NC, about her philosophy of helping patients live a healthier life.

Don Matheson: “Hi Mary Lee. I’ve been observing your medical spa for a while now and I see the results of your efforts among your patients. Thanks for taking time to share your insights on how you built your practice and developed its mission.”

Mary Lee Cudd: “Hi Don. Thanks for the opportunity to be included with some of the great local businesses that your group represents.”

Don Matheson: “Absolutely. First off, what motivated you to pursue opening your own medical spa?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “I’ve practiced medicine for thirty years and I’ve always wanted to own my own business. It was after the last seven years of doing Botox and other injections for Dr. Mark Miller at Fayetteville Plastic Surgery that I felt qualified to do it by myself.”

Don Matheson: “So it’s really possible for patients to have a high success rate on achieving a more youthful appearance?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “Definitely. It is amazing how much younger you can look by making a few simple adjustments. Professional makeup artists can adjust an actor’s age dramatically over the course of a movie using only makeup.”

Don Matheson: “I never looked at it that way. So what are your thoughts on the public perception of using injections such as Botox and Xeomin?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “My patients today are very educated about the safety of Botox (botulinum toxin). They are not afraid of it and they know it will make a significant difference in how the skin on their face will age. I see it as a preventative effect.”

Don Matheson: “Very good. And what is your motivation for promoting a youthful appearance and its contribution to better living?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “I believe most people and women specifically, feel better when they look better. It is all about being happy with their mirror-not trying to impress someone else. Aging gracefully means looking your BEST, even into your seventies.”

Don Matheson: “I’m all for that. What kind of resistance about the procedures have you run into from the candidates?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “Almost none. I don’t push my treatments. I answer questions and educate clients about the products. If they ask me to do a procedure and they are a good candidate for it, I will.”

Don Matheson: “And what criteria must the client have for a successful outcome?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “Just to be open minded to treatment options. It is very important in the evaluation consultation to trust my judgment as to which treatment best matches their condition. Everyone is so unique.”

Don Matheson: “What might disqualify someone?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “No injectable product has been tested and proven safe during pregnancy or nursing. Also patients with neuromuscular disorders should not get botulinum toxin.”

Don Matheson: “Would you give me an example of a recent success?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “I had a Botox patient who had not responded to any traditional medicines for migraine headaches. She was thrilled when Botox stopped her migraines after suffering for thirty-five years.”

Don Matheson: “Now that is fascinating. I have several friends who suffer from migraines and I’d like to tell them how to get some relief for such a painful situation. Is there an age range for your patients?

Mary Lee Cudd: “Most of my patients are between thirty and fifty.”

Don Matheson: “What is the most common do it yourself solution your patients might try?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “Moisturizers and makeup. I advise them to remember that ‘less is more’ when it comes to using them. The skin needs to breathe.”

Don Matheson: “I’ve noticed that you are very confident in your ability to help people through your practice. Tell me why working with a professional like yourself will greatly improve someone’s chances for success in their life?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “It takes more than Botox to be successful, but I have had men tell me that in today’s competitive job market, that looking younger certainly can give them the edge.”

Don Matheson: “What is the biggest or most common challenge among your patients?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “We are all our own worst critic. We focus on flaws that no one else ever notices.”

Don Matheson: “Very true. Toward that end, as we’ve discussed about your philosophy and mission, you help patients beyond merely the scientific applications, correct?

Mary Lee Cudd: “Definitely. I always say that when you look better you feel better, and feeling better helps one live happier. We promote a wholesome self-image along with wellness. We build strong relationships with our patients through caring and education, promoting a feeling of inner peace and confidence. We simply help people to feel better so they will live better.”

Don Matheson: “I’ve seen the positive reviews about how you have helped change the lives of several of your patients, so you are obviously succeeding in your endeavor. What does someone have to do to begin your process?”

Mary Lee Cudd: “It is as simple as scheduling a collaborative consultation where someone can learn about their options, ask questions and discuss the details.”

Don Matheson: “That’s great Mary Lee. I wish you continued success with Elan Med Spa. Thanks again for spending time to enlighten me about your business. I seem to always learn something that I didn’t know when we talk.

Mary Lee Cudd: “Thanks for that. It is definitely part of my goal to educate people about things that can help them and we’re looking forward to helping as many people as we can.”

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