Marketing Your Business Online with Facebook Timeline

Marketing Your Business Online with Facebook Timeline


If you’re business doesn’t have a presence on Facebook yet, it should. People spend an enormous amount of time on Facebook, and you can get the attention of local people with various activities on Facebook. But, who has the time? An Internet marketing consultant does! You may wonder why you would want to hire an Internet marketing consultant when you can easily do it by yourself? Hiring a marketing consultant can help you grow your reach in a shorter period of time than doing it yourself because that is their main money maker. Your main money maker is doing your business. This is called leveraging your efficiencies.


An Internet marketing consultant offers expertise that you don’t have about Facebook marketing. This is their specialty, so they will have the most up-to-date knowledge, so that time is not wasted and results are realized as soon as possible. Additionally, having an Internet marketing consultant handle your Facebook Timeline marketing for you frees up you and your staff to service the new business that comes through your door due to your marketing efforts. You wouldn’t pull your own wisdom tooth even if you were a dentist. Why do your own marketing? Well, you don’t, if you want it done right.


Facebook Timeline Marketing allows you to:


Build business — Creating a business page on Facebook is your chance to expand your brand beyond your webpage, because it is interactive. It’s like having another storefront in many ways because it makes it that much easier for your customers to share information with those who aren’t customers yet.


Stay connected — Marketing on Facebook Timeline keeps your business connected with the community at all hours of the day. You can use a multitude of devices to do so as well from a smart phone to an iPad, to a Kindle Fire to stay connected. There is no time and place restraint with Facebook timeline marketing. This means your marketing consultant can live in another state or even another country and still be effective.


Create social experiences — Have a contest, conduct a poll, ask from input from your community and before you know it, you’ll not only create great social experiences for your market, but also build relationships with them. Relationship building creates a loyal base of customers that won’t leave you and in fact, will become your biggest supporters.


Create targeted ads — Facebook’s marketing functions are second to none when it comes to being able to focus advertisements on a very specific community. You can market to only a specific group of people based on their interests, age, sex, and even specific Facebook groups and pages. Having this much power over who sees your advertisements lowers the cost of advertising because you only pay if you get a click, and no one sees the advertisement who isn’t in the segment you’ve selected.


Today, marketing is a very technical endeavor. The same old rules do apply to marketing and branding, but with the added power of technology, and the easy reach of Facebook, hiring a marketing consultant will pay off many times over.