Marketing Strategist, Diana M. Needham, Urges Entrepreneurs To View LinkedIn As Key Business Platform

Regardless of what we think about using social media, either personally or professionally, it is here to stay. A recent article by Business Insider reveals that using social media is now the top Internet activity, with Americans spending an average of 37 minutes daily online. More surprising is the fact that this is a higher time investment than any other major Internet activity, including email. The real question for Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Speakers is determining which social media platforms to use, so the time invested has a solid return.

Marketing strategist, Diana M. Needham has answers. “First you must know your target audience well,” Needham says. “Ask yourself, ‘Which social media platforms are they using and engaging in regularly’?” If your market is business to consumer (i.e. your products and services are sold directly to the end consumer, such as Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care, and Skin Care), Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube may be good places to invest time, energy, and effort to reach them. If your market is business to business (meaning your products and services help other businesses in some way) or you are looking for strong referral partners, LinkedIn is definitely a key platform to consider.

Why should you care about LinkedIn?

It is the largest professional network in the world, with nearly 300 million users across 200 countries. The members are all professionals looking to network rather than socialize. Consider LinkedIn as your business platform rather than a social media sharing site. Needham shares two key questions to decide whether LinkedIn is a social medial platform to investigate more closely for your business.

Are my ideal clients professionals? Are the people that I really want to work with professionals? That might mean they work in the corporate space as Managers, Executives, or leaders. Or they may be in one of the professions (Entrepreneurs, Attorneys, Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Speakers, Authors, small business owners). If the answer is, “Yes, my ideal clients are professionals,” take a look at LinkedIn as a potential client attraction platform.

Are my ideal referral partners professionals? Referral partners are other business owners that serve your same market. Ask yourself “Where else are my ideal clients buying?” For example, if your market is Entrepreneurs, a great referral partner would be a CPA. Entrepreneurs may also have a Business Attorney or be talking to their local Banker about a small business loan. They are members of Chambers of Commerce and other professional groups you can tap into on this platform. These are all potential referral partners you can approach to support each other in building your business.

If your ideal clients or best referral partners are professionals, LinkedIn is a place for you to consider having a robust presence as another pillar of your marketing strategy. To connect with Diana and learn more, go to