Marketing Expert, Jeremy Salem Teaches His Clients How To Rake In New Business On Facebook Without Spending A Fortune

Jeremy Salem, President of SmartStep Media and Consultant at Digital Traffic Ace ( specializes in teaching his clients his proven techniques for mining Facebook for high value clients. He goes far beyond what most people know of Facebook interaction for business where they post announcements about their company and cute pictures. He even goes far beyond the skills of those that are familiar with Facebook marketing techniques, running ads on Facebook or using sponsored stories.

Salem feels these strategies may help a business build recognition, but they don’t lead to big dollar sales and great clients. Even Facebook ad campaigns and sponsored stories might garner a lot of clicks, likes and shares, but that doesn’t always translate into sales. He teaches his clients how to maximize their return on investment when they are spending marketing dollars on Facebook. He knows the secrets to structuring Facebook marketing campaigns to sell, not to get “liked”.

Salem explains, “Most people don’t realize the depth of the targeting capabilities Facebook gives you, from targeting people in troubled relationships to targeting people who buy a lot of cereal or even coffee K-Cups.” The in-depth targeting capabilities give enormous power to Facebook marketing that goes largely untapped to the uninitiated. As of the first quarter 2014, Facebook had 1.28 billion monthly active users ( Not only does Facebook provide a huge platform of active users, but the ability to target only those users you choose for advertising provides a blueprint for business success, if you know how to do it.

Client Eric Haaranen shares his story of how SmartStep Media turned his marketing dollars into real sales and new customers. He writes, “I provide personal branding services to already-successful entrepreneurs and professionals. I had failed repeatedly in my attempts at using Facebook as a lead generation medium and had reached the point that I didn’t believe that Facebook would work for my business. A well-respected friend of mine introduced me to Jeremy Salem and within a week of learning his ideas and implementing only a portion of his strategies, I was able to completely turn my Facebook campaigns around. Specifically, I generated $6,500 in new business over the period of 6 days with an ad spend of only $96.00. I not only believe that Facebook works for my business and will continue to provide me with new leads and sales, but I also believe that Jeremy is perhaps the most innovative and results-oriented marketing consultant I have ever met.”

SmartStep Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation and traffic conversion based in Jacksonville, FL. Jeremy Salem works with clients on advertising, marketing and social media management through SmartStep Media. Salem also consults with Entrepreneurs on business growth, mindset and sales strategies, centered around the Facebook marketing platform through his consulting company, Digital Traffic Ace.

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