Marc Manor, San Diego Independent Healthcare Insurance Agent | Choosing Obamacare’s Best Plan For You

Marc Manor, San Diego Independent Healthcare Insurance Agent says, “The primary goal of any Healthcare Insurance Specialist is protecting people from financial hardship associated with the high cost of medical service and the recovery of lost wages.” When many people become sick or injured, their medical situation prevents them from working. Financial hardship is compounded when the high cost of medical service is combined with a loss of income. Educating people about their coverage options can open up avenues for them to discover how to save money on insurance coverage and help protect their much-needed income. In that way, when they are sick or injured, they can concentrate on getting better without the burden of financial hardship

Today’s consumer is faced with a multitude of problems; how to obtain comprehensive medical coverage and fill in those coverage “holes” in the form of co-insurance and deductibles; how to find a good “fit” for healthcare coverage within their monthly budget. A consultative approach is what most people prefer over a “sales pitch.” Consumers are smart and would rather be presented with a number of viable options, not a single product. Many people are just one medical bill away from bankruptcy; the role of the Healthcare Insurance Agent is to educate people who think they cannot afford coverage with options that will allow them make informed decisions about the their healthcare; to keep their life on course and do it within their budget.

By far the most controversial subject in Healthcare Insurance is the PPACA, or more popularly known as “Obamacare.” The idea of fully accessible healthcare has been around for many years but the PPACA came into law in 2010 and was implemented in 2014. The subject of the PPACA has brought about heated debate from opponents and proponents alike. On one hand you have those who believe that healthcare should be accessible to all Americans regardless of their current state of health; on the other hand, there are those who feel the government should not be meddling in the healthcare business.

There are many pros and cons of the PPACA. The pros are that people in the lower income brackets and those with preexisting conditions have access to healthcare when before they did not. This group of people not only includes the unemployed and the “underemployed,” it also provides subsidies on a sliding scale for those that are making less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. People/families that fit into this category can choose to accept the subsidy and purchase their healthcare at lower rate.

People with preexisting conditions also stand to benefit greatly from the PPACA. Before PPACA, some preexisting conditions rendered people “uninsurable.” These people stand to gain the most because in some cases they could not obtain coverage at all. Now they can obtain coverage, and if they fall into the income range below the 400% threshold, they can obtain that coverage along with a subsidy.

Like most anything else, the PPACA has some shortcomings. One of the most controversial was the requirement on businesses. Businesses with more than 50 employees are required to offer healthcare coverage to their employees or face heavy fines. This requirement had many small business owners up in arms with little choice but to either raise their prices, cut their payroll, or both.

A good health insurance plan is critical, not only for physical health, but also for financial health. One of the key aspects of good healthcare is prevention. PPACA compliant healthcare plans provide 100 percent coverage on a multitude of preventive services. It is far less likely someone would hesitate in securing preventive care if they know they are covered. Early detection is a key element of treatment for many illnesses and injury.

When choosing a medical plan, people on a tight budget frequently opt for a plan with the lowest possible monthly premium. That is understandable with all the other things that are competing with their hard earned dollars. Finding a plan that is affordable and effective is critical. An objective agent who serves as a consultant and client advocate can be an important ally in finding a plan that provides that layer of financial safety that result in piece of mind.

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