Makeup Artist To The Stars Melissa Hibbert Hosts Beauty And The Business Expo With Smashing Success

Beauty Expert and Professional Makeup Artist, Melissa Hibbert, is still coming off the high of her extremely successful Beauty and the Business: The Ultimate Professional Empowerment Experience Expo. Held at the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel, the event was alive with an electric energy. Certainly an impressive feat, as this was Hibbert’s first solo expo. Having spent fourteen years in corporate America, Hibbert ultimately returned to her true passion of beauty and fashion two and half years ago. Now she is the owner of her own cosmetics line, and is a go-to beauty and makeup expert for celebrity, corporate, and private clients alike.

For her inaugural event, she called upon her circle of high profile beauty and business experts to be panelists at the expo. Amongst them were:

  • Celebrity Hairstylist Karim Odoms, who has worked with performers such as Lady Gaga;
  • Celebrity Makeup Artist Valerie Hunt-Darden, who worked as Oprah’s personal makeup artist for many years;
  • Celebrity Hair Stylist Rhonda O’Neal, author of the book “Beyond The Combs: A Celebrity Hair Stylist’s Guide to Success”; and
  • Legendary Master Barber Darrin Lyons, who has cut everyone one from Notorious B.I.G to Tupac Shakur.
  • Master Barber, Educator and Platform Artist Donald “DC” Conley
  • Social Media Expert, Natalie Gouche
  • Savvy Business Expert, Malaika Paul
  • Branding and Image Consultant, Tieko Nejon

Also at the event was Billionaire P.A., the “African-American Tony Robbins,” as Hibbert calls him. Having risen from living in his car to a six-company empire, he served as the keynote speaker of the event. His speech “was one of those moments that felt out of body,” Hibbert recalls. “It was like this spiritual moment that everyone witnessed as he spoke dreams into existence and changed the lives of two of our attendees.  His words encapsulated the whole experience!”

Among the attendees were beauty professionals, entrepreneurs, and even beauty enthusiasts. Some of them were just like Hibbert a few years ago: corporate America professionals who were looking to leave, and just needed that extra push to follow their passion. Based on all the inspiring people they had the chance to meet and talk to at the expo, it’s safe to say they got that little push they needed and then some.

After growing up in poverty in Jamaica and immigrating to America at the age of seven, it would seem the odds were stacked against Hibbert. But when she explains her childhood, it almost seems as if there was no way she couldn’t succeed. She remembers vividly the night she first touched down in LAX: “I felt, even at seven years old, that something amazing was going to happen. I [remember] seeing the ‘M’ golden arch and it just dawned on me that represented my name, Melissa,” she says. “Even though I [later] found out it was the iconic golden arches of McDonalds, in my mind it was resonating with me even at that moment that this was going to be something spectacular.” Spectacular has indeed been the word that would most accurately describe her life, career, and success story so far.

So the question is: Will there be another expo? If Hibbert has it her way, there absolutely will be, and even bigger!  “As soon as [the expo started], I was ready to organize the next one. I felt this energy and that this is what I was born to do, and I have to continue… I want this to be one of the biggest and most empowering experiences, not just for professionals, but for entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and individuals who seek to be better and greater in their lives and business.” Who knows what’s in store for this already extremely successful entrepreneur. She hopes one day to take this expo on tour, hitting locales such as New York, Atlanta, Houston and Hawaii, or maybe broaden the expo’s reach through a televised event.

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