Local Real Estate Agent Andrea Steward Uses Empathy To Help First-Time Home Buyers

Andrea Steward is native of the San Fernando Valley and a real estate agent that works in all the surrounding valleys, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, and the San Fernando Valley. She has been a licensed realtor for eight years and works for the prestigious brokerage Keller Williams. Steward’s extensive knowledge of the San Fernando Valley has made her a real asset to her clients as they approach the home buying process.

“I have always had a love for houses. On weekends my family and I would visit open houses of all types. My sister went into real estate and she encouraged me to get my license so we could have a family business,” shares Steward. Stewards’ time in real estate has led her to gravitate more towards first-time home buyers, who she enjoys helping through the often confusing and frustrating process of buying a home.

Home buyers, especially first-time buyers, often think that “they are going to find everything they want in a home. This is probably the most difficult part,” says Steward. However, she says, “It’s just like anything in life, no one or no thing has it all.” She understands this struggle home buyers go through and it has served her well. What makes Steward such a successful and respected agent is the level of empathy she brings to every single one of her clients.

Here is what one of her home buyers, G. Ayers, had to say about her, “I highly recommend working with Andrea. She is dedicated to seeing you through finding your home and making sure the deal gets closed.”

Steward explains, “I put myself in my client’s shoes. I listen closely to what they say they want, and I try to get to know them as a person somewhat, to better achieve what they want and desire in a home.” It is this same level of attentiveness and keen sense that kept Steward in the real estate business during the market crash a few years ago.

“I believed that the market would come back and things are picking up again now,” she says. What has helped Steward navigate those tough years was she also had another stream of income. “I was able to stay in real estate because I have a full-time job in addition to being a realtor. During the tough time in the market, I was fortunate that I still had my income and I was able to maintain my credentials.” In spite of her faith that the market would rebound, Steward knew it was a wise decision to maintain her license because she plans to go full time in real estate after she retires.

Another place her faith shines though is in the clients she works with. “Most of my clients have been Christians,” explains Steward. “I enjoy working with people of faith. We can speak the same ‘language,’ and both of us understand how important it is to not put negative words on a situation. It’s also nice to be able to say, ‘I will be praying (for you),’ and they are grateful and comfortable with that.”

Although she primarily works with buyers, Steward plans on expanding to sellers as well. Her empathy has lended itself well over the years to buyers, but she understands sellers’ needs as well.

Much like the support she gives to her clients, Steward says she feels that same support from her employer, Keller Williams. “I heard really positive things about Keller Williams from more than one Realtor. Since becoming a Realtor for Keller Williams, I have appreciated the support I get from other agents as well as my broker.”

Steward’s promise to her customers is that she “will commit to providing the best possible customer service to ensure your home buying experience is as easy and stress-free as possible, and that you get the home you are looking for because it’s out there.” For more information and how to contact Andrea Steward visit: http://www.kw.com/kw/agent/a242565.

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