Local Marketing Pro, William Wells, Announces Services That Builds Brand Authority And Brings In New Customers

William S. Wells, a marketing consultant in Wichita Falls, Texas, focuses on helping small business owners position themselves as a leader of their industry so as to attract more customers. His secret is to use media conversion strategies to transform public perceptions and opinions.

“All thing being equal, when a business or individual is perceived as a ‘Rock Star’ in their market, then they attract the most customers.” William goes on to say, “Given a choice, most people will choose a company or individual with strong market authority over the weaker looking competition. Even better, you will actually steal your competitor’s customers and they’ll start coming over to you.”

David Galullo, columnist for Forbes wrote in a recent article, “There’s a new reality in branding. In an increasingly chaotic marketplace, yelling louder isn’t the answer…The simple truth is that a brand isn’t a logo, an advertisement, or a poster hung on the wall in a corporate office. It’s a gut feeling about a company, and smart companies know the power of a brand done right.”

William explains, “Branding done right isn’t about you calling yourself an expert. Branding done right is when others are calling you the expert. Not only should your customers call you an expert, more importantly, 3rd party sources like national and local media outlets should be claiming that you an expert too. And that is my job, to transform a personality or brand into one of authority in their respective marketplace. Basically, I help position my clients as the clear leader in their markets.”

The easiest way to stand out in a crowd of competitors is to position yourself as the leader of the marketplace. It’s more important now than ever to differentiate your business – and that is the key to winning clients from your competitors.

For more information about brand perception and building authority around your brand, visit http://williamstevenwells.com.