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Brigitte Tritt is an award winning author, rapid transformational therapist and a certified life coach, wellness entrepreneur and a holistic lifestyle advocate.  Over the years, Brigitte has participated in events with some of the world’s top thought leaders such as Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor. She is a passionate and inspirational voice, supporting people on their journey to self-love, healing and wellness by helping them create the opening for the dream life they have always desired.

As we find ourselves living in a time of crisis, it’s not uncommon to have more than our share of stress, doubt and uncertainty plaguing our thoughts. In Brigitte’s book #SelfLoveMicrosteps: A Simple, Easy and Fun Way to Fall in Love With Yourself,

 available on Amazon in July of 2020, is exactly what is needed to reset, and retrain, our minds to give ourselves the self-love that we all need. Individuals who are feeling lost, unhappy and who aren’t yet connected to their personal power are those who will immediately be drawn in, by Brigitte’s motivating guidance, as she leads them to the dream life, they’ve always desired.

In #SelfLoveMicrosteps: A Simple, Easy and Fun Way to Fall in Love With Yourself,

Brigitte’s proven methods to take overwhelmed, stressed individuals through six easy steps with a goal of discovering that mind, body connection in just 21 days. This is a journey of identifying your truest self through self-awareness, self-exploration, self-discovery, self-understanding, self-love and self-mastery. With these tools, Brigitte’s secrets to living the life your heart desires, becomes clear and uncomplicated. As explained in #SelfLoveMicrosteps, by practicing these selflovemicrosteps continuously, creates massive results providing an outward glow that shines from within allowing you to attract others with similar energies. 

The best part about #SelfLoveMicrosteps is that it’s simply, easy and fun! With over 100 self-love ideas, that are either free or inexpensive, #SelfLoveMicrosteps will help readers begin understanding how self-forgiveness, self-compassion and gratitude can be a game-changer in your own life. Once you fully understand how to celebrate the “wins,” of all shapes and sizes in your life, the feelings of frustration, getting stuck and feeling unfulfilled will be a thing of the past. 

Brigitte’s concept of selflove5, is also an important step in #SelfLoveMicrosteps. Whether it is achieved through silence, stretching, meditation or reflection we can all find that 5 minutes of precious time to show ourselves some self-love. By doing this daily, it will allow you to radiate joy outwardly and draw in love, peace and calmness to your life.

If you are ready to lead the way in living the life you’ve always dreamed of and leave the self-doubt and fear behind, then #SelfLoveMicrosteps at are what you need for the next chapter of a life full of joy and contentment.

“If you’re looking for the one person that’s going to change your life, take a look in the mirror.” – Brigitte Tritt

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