Lisa Sawicki San Diego Certified Life – Dating – Romance Coach| Broken Heart Not Terminal

Lisa Sawicki, San Diego Certified Life, Dating, Romance Coach says, “When your heart gets broken for the 1st time or the 10th time, it is one of the most excruciating emotional ‘sting’ you will ever feel.” You are not alone. Most people have experienced this in their lifetime and not only survived it, but have found love again. That’s the good news. But right now, if your heart is broken, it is hard to imagine that you will ever overcome this emotional pain and even move on to find Romantic Love again.

When you first get your heart broken, it can create a physical sensation of a heavy weight in your chest for a little while. It is common to just feel ’emotionally dead’ for a while and even experience many crying bouts. This is common for both Women and Men. Even if you were in a bad or unhealthy relationship, many rejected lovers keep hoping and praying that your partner will return. It is very common when you are heartbroken to actually believe that no one else in the whole world will ever take the place of the love you feel or felt for that person.

The truth is, you will be able to feel love again.

It has been proven over and over again throughout Centuries that most broken hearts can and will love again. You may not believe this right now because you are momentarily blinded with grief, but time, and mental and physical activity will actually heal your heart whole and mended once again. Just remember, your heartbreak grief is temporary and will go away.

Give yourself some time to heal and nurture. Try to avoid talking about it and thinking about it. Keep your mind and body active with pleasurable activities. Go out for walks; read, watch movies, dance, drum, exercise, volunteer, anything and everything that takes your mind off your hurt and brings you pleasure.

Make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing inside your home and outside your home. make a list of 50 things you like/love about you and keep it in your wallet. Stay away from conversations with people that make you feel bad or remind you of your pain. You do not owe anyone an explanation of your breakup. People who truly like, love and respect you should respect your feelings and not probe with ‘What do you think went wrong’ questions. Most people don’t ever know the real reason why their romance didn’t last. So stop trying to figure out why and start moving into acceptance.

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