Linda Shorr Is Building Apps That Revolutionize The Market For Small Businesses

Staying ahead of trends in an ever changing market isn’t easy. Making the most of everything the Internet and smartphones have to offer isn’t either. Linda Shorr, of Build Our App Now (, is working to keep small businesses ahead of the game by offering mobile application (app) building services, administration, and technology that lets entrepreneurs enjoy all the potential growth without all the headache.

Offering reliable, up-to-the-minute, affordable app building solutions, Build Our App Now allows small businesses to have a dynamic presence on their customer’s smartphones, increasing their ability to communicate directly with clients.
“Small businesses should be able to afford mobile app development. Our premium app program allows businesses to have a mobile app built faster, easier and at a lower cost than ever before,” Shorr says.

With most customers busily checking their phones for the latest notifications from social media, it’s important for small business owners to have access to a part of that market. With Build Our App Now, business owners can send clients push notifications to alert them to special offers, flash sales, important reminders and up-to-date business information. Built as easy-to-update and easy-to-use Build Our App Now offers reliable, unlimited customer service and technical support. Apps constructed by Build Our App Now offer customers the ability to update information easily, whenever needed and send as many push notifications as needed, for one flat fee.

Shorr helps to guide clients through the process of planning, designing, and building their apps, complete with discussions about why branding via app is an important business tool and how to appropriately translate a company’s brand into a mobile format. With Build Our App Now, her clients are able to both learn how to manage their mobile content and take advantage of the company’s user friendly customer management system to keep their apps relevant to their customers and updated. Build Our App Now takes clients through the entire build process, including making the app available for download via iTunes and the Google Play store.

By investing in building mobile app technology, small businesses are able to interact directly with customers despite geographic location, helping to build relationships and consumer confidence. Apps are also able to link customers to various social media outlets, offering opportunities for sharing photos, information, or writing testimonials to followers and/or friends. Additionally, companies are able to offer special buyers club type promotions to customers who utilize the mobile app.

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