Lilly Ruan’s Miyako Rocks Asian Fusion Cuisine in North Carolina

Lilly Ruan is not your typical restaurateur. A North Carolina State University graduate in biology, she held a vision about her future restaurant.  Her dream was to provide an uptick in Asian cuisine that was unique to the Carolinas and more likely to be found in big cities like San Francisco or New York.  

Inspired by her travels and exposure to traditional Chinese cuisine, she mentally crafted her new restaurant “Miyako” long before the actual opening. Located in lovely Laurinburg, Miyako is strategically placed in a sand hills community near Pinehurst and Southern Pines, Historically, this area  is most noted for its proximity to award winning golf courses and of course, abundant agriculture.  

Lilly says, “I am no stranger to the work ethic required to be in the restaurant business as my parents are restaurateurs.  Yes, I learned much from observing them through the years and yet my restaurant creation is different.  That said, they never expected me to be in the business and simply encouraged me to ‘live my dreams’. As it turns out, my dream is to provide healthy, fresh and nourishing Asian cuisine of the finest quality at prices that are attractive to consumers. I also now reside in the Laurinburg community and genuinely look forward to becoming an integral part of all that it offers.”

She continues, “Miyako is conveniently located on Main Street in Laurinburg close to the historical district. It is easy to access from I-95 and Interstate Hwy 74. As a result, my clientele is a diversified mix of locals, travelers, golfers, and ‘foodies’ who are seeking a nice departure from the more conventional Southern restaurants. Thankfully, our fans are growing daily and business is brisk.”

Lilly’s Miyako Restaurant transports customers from the stress of day-to-day living with a serene Japanese style decor and perfect lighting for both day and evening dining. She has instinctively created an environment that is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment of a wonderful meal. 

Select mouthwatering “must have” items on the menu include the following;

Lilly represents the emerging young class of N.C. entrepreneurs who are endeavoring to “live the American dream”.  She is to be applauded for her creativity, hard work and resilience which have culminated in her exceptional restaurant “Miyako”. 

Folks are cordially invited to head down to Eastern North Carolina and get away from the hectic pace of everyday living. Head out to Miyako where you will be gently nourished by Lilly’s delicious food and Asian-Southern fused hospitality.

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