Lifestyle Diva, Christina V. Herreen, Leads Travel Club Launch In Australia

Christina V. Herreen, “Lifestyle Diva” and Self-Confidence Consultant, uses her business networking connections to launch an Australian-based travel platform, which shows travelers how to tour and holiday both interstate and overseas using travel points. Budget-conscious travelers tend to consider cost as one of the most important factors of trip planning. Holidays are often delayed because of other financial obligations. In light of these factors, Herreen opted to become a part of an initiative to expand tourism in Victoria.

“I decided to open my travel club in Australia as a way to assist more people in traveling affordably. We have rates and rewards for travelers within the country and even for overseas trips which simply cannot be beat. I’m excited to be able to offer so many holiday options that make more frequent travel possible for the average consumer,” says Herreen.

Through her award-winning travel websites, Herreen provides detailed training on getting into the travel industry as well as embarking on a career in tourism. The travel portal allows travelers to keep track of their rewards, upcoming trips and travel profiles. Herreen also uses the site to interact with others who enjoy being a part of a travel club.

Herreen’s platform demonstrates the advantages of booking trips well in advance along with a system of earning points toward future trips. Reportedly, there is also an established network of local businesses providing exclusive deals and incentives to travel club members. Herreen says, “My travel club is designed to eliminate travelers’ concerns over holiday prices.”

According to Tourism Victoria, the travel industry continues to increase in market value despite growing numbers of Australians travelling overseas. “The tourism industry provides jobs for over 200,000 Victorians and contributes 7 per cent of employment in tourism and other industries,” as reported by Tourism Victoria.

Herreen believes that tourism will continue to grow steadily. She admits that it is one of the many reasons for the launch in Victoria this year. Tourism experts agree that numbers remain strong in this economy.

Anthony Dennis, National Travel Director for Fairfax Media echoes Herreen’s statement on the impact of tourism in Australia. “Tourism is a major contributor to Victoria’s regional economy,” states Dennis. Being that Australia is a multi-cultural country, much of the population has either migrated or traveled ‘down under’ from other locations. For these reasons, thousands of its residents routinely travel, from Australia, to various places in the world to visit their families and mates back home.

As well, overseas vacationers love to travel as well as Aussies. Tourism Australia reports, “There were 6.5 million visitor arrivals for year ending March 2014, an increase of 6.3 per cent relative to the previous year.” The trend will continue especially as more options for affordable travel become available within the Australian marketplace.

Herreen—a former radio talk show personality in the healthcare industry and award-winning teacher—shares her insights, “Being able to travel freely, living healthy, learning about people and different places makes a great mix in life for me. I count myself lucky to be working with a team of great leaders from all over the world.”

Herreen’s travel club is slated to open by June of this year. This is about a new way of expanding holiday benefits using the model of a traditional travel points system. There are countless travel rewards programs out there. Yet, none of them have all of the components that make Herreen’s platform so appealing.

Herreen’s travel industry training techniques are not just theory. She’s been collaborating with other business leaders who have also been sharing their success. Millionaire business mentor to Herreen—Xenia Ioannou, CEO of Wealth Zone Education and ALEXA Real Estate, had this to say, “Congratulations on your huge efforts and results so far, Christina. It’s a pleasure to be able to expand tourism in Australia together.”

Trinise L. Kennedy, International Business Strategist and Founder of IntrinsicAlly Authority Consulting reveals, “When I joined forces with Christina V. Herreen, I discovered that I gained not only a solid business partner in her, I was also welcomed into a network of compassionate and successful million-dollar earners. Every step of this journey has been tremendous and we have just begun.”

Tania Thorne, former Finance Professional and “Mummypreneur” — working wife and mother of 7 active children had this to say, “I feel so privileged that Christina Herreen approached me to be a part of her new travel business during the pre-launch phase. I have known Christina for 15 years and to have someone like her in my corner 100% of the time has been key to my success thus far.”

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