Life Coach Dagny Grant Discusses How To Live Your Life By Design

Do you want help realizing your dreams of abundance in all areas of your life? Then you need to meet Dagny Grant, President of the company Purposeful Greatness, Chief Marketing Officer for the I AM Group and a faculty member of the I AM Group University.  A speaker, coach, teacher and radio show host with contagious humor and authentic compassion, she takes her clients and audiences on a journey of transformation and a new understanding that there is a deeper truth to who we are.  Having worked in the behavioral health field for decades and as a long time student of the Laws of Attraction and principles of joyful living, Dagny is a certified life coach who considers her work with clients the art of shifting thought paradigms.

Many people have similar blocks when it comes to abundance. Have you ever heard yourself say the following? “I couldn’t possibly obtain what I really desire because everyone else wants it too!”

Have you ever felt like this is true for you? Do you believe this? The reality is that whatever you desire is abundant in supply, but you cannot focus on what you do not want and allow those things that you do desire into your life. When you feel the negative emotion that always comes when you worry about a perceived lack in your life, consider taking the path of least resistance instead and you will see, so clearly, that the Universe does have the ability to yield anything you desire in great abundance. There cannot be a shortage in anything. Your experience of abundance can in no way take away from anyone else’s abundance, nor can the abundance and richness in anyone else’s experience create an absence of what you desire in your own. There are laws at work in nature that are never failing and one of those is the Law of Supply. One of my favorite quotes from the New Testament  is: “Ask and it shall be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.”  These words are more powerful than you can imagine because it is truth.

The movie, The Secret, speaks to the theories of manifesting what we desire our lives to look like, to feel like and to be. Dagny said, “After watching this movie myself, it occurred to me that while I was honestly transformed conceptually, the mechanics of the process seemed to be missing in the content.” So she started her journey to find the missing pieces and answers from the work of several of the co-stars in the movie. There is one in particular who has made it his life’s work to understand and share the “how to” details that were missing from The Secret.  According to this man, there are 11 specific laws which must be realized in order to truly understand the Law of Attraction.

One of these components is The Law of Supply. In her study of the 11 lost laws, Dagney found that it is natural that more and more desire is developed by us as our lives advance. Our realization of those dreams and desires begins with our ability to not only be happy and grateful with what we now have, but to never be satisfied. She learned that being in a state of appreciation is a pure connection to the Universe, and within this state of being there can be no perception of lack.

Why is it that we dive into areas of personal development? It is ultimately to gain self esteem. What is self esteem then? It is to be engulfed in a heartfelt state of appreciation, respect, value and high regard for ourselves and our lives. This has to start with the consciousness that we are currently experiencing, like appreciating a seedling for the tree is can become. It is within the study of quantum physics and the gift of the universal laws of attraction that we begin to understand that it is our thoughts, our energy, the actual hz or frequency of the vibration of our cells, where we create that which is the cause in the ultimate effect that we see around us every day. We are in fact like a magnet that draws to us those things that we focus our energy on. What is beautiful to understand is that there are never any limits to the dreams that we can achieve that we ourselves do not impose.

Many of us are taught to fret, to worry, protect ourselves and to feel a sense of lack as children. Instead of lifting ourselves out of limitation and improving our circumstances, these thoughts of lack tend to drag us deeper into doubt, fear and anxiousness which keep us focused on lack and the cycle continues. Our ability to think about the possibilities is choked like a flower choked by a bed of weeds. We must weed our thoughts and relax, allowing the unlimited beauty and abundance available to us to enter into our lives. It’s like moving rocks out of a stream that are blocking the natural flow of water. The natural flow of life is abundance and the supply is unlimited but is solely dependent on our own thinking…our consciousness demanding with absolute certainty the creation of our desires.

To expect good is to demand good willfully. That expectation, that demand, is required to attract abundance. We must both desire and genuinely expect to receive what we desire or better. Our supply of abundance is absolutely determined by our own thinking. Whenever we demand something, the supply is there if our consciousness is there. If the consciousness is not open to receiving and in alignment with the belief that there is no lack or limitation, we will continue to simply want that which we do not believe we can have. What is your personal “I am” on the topic of abundance? Is it “I am” lacking those things I want in my life or is it “I am” calm, confident and knowing that “I am” a magnet to all things that I desire? This expression of who you are, your personal “I am”, is so critical to mastering the Law of Supply.

Our embracing the 11 lost laws and manifesting the life of our dreams is not just about our thinking, but our belief. Our honest belief about who we are and what our definition of ourselves is causes the focus of our thoughts and energy. This focus ultimately produces the effect that is our lives. Cause and effect. As we begin to use our thoughts and beliefs to cause us to feel good and focus our attention on who we truly are, we can then tune in and allow the possibilities of abundance and watch the whole world transform and blossom before our very eyes.