Leslie Flowers, Business Mentor, Helps Women Succeed In Business Following Think And Grow Rich

Leslie Flowers is a business mentor who believes the biggest factor in women earning less money and business success than men is primarily a lack of certain vital information of which women are totally unaware. “Once women get their hands on this information,” Flowers says, “they begin a process to first learn and then habitualize it, quickly boosting income and confidence as successful business owners.”

What’s missing for women are the age-old business success principles men have used for more than 200 generations to create our context for success. These principles are found in Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich.” According to Forbes in 2011, more than 70 million copies were sold since its publication in 1937 and the book continues to sell robustly today.

Flowers teaches that business success for women yields palpable and expedient results when women understand, internalize, and consistently apply the concepts found in Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich.” Men grew up with the principles in “Think and Grow Rich and they are an inherent part of their everyday business demeanor. For example, they get to the point quickly and speak in bullet points. Their natural confidence has them step up to the plate, regardless of experience. They have clarity of thought and confidence in business.

Women grew up mastering a different set of skills to manage the home. They nurture with stories and affection. They are task masters with heart. They are the peacemakers, the collaborators, and leaders.

With women entering the workplace only a few decades ago, they do so without the skills required to achieve success at the same rate as men. “The sooner women learn these principles on an internal level – so they don’t think twice about them – the sooner they begin to enjoy a quick jump in earnings and advancement,” says Flowers, “without giving up one drop of their femininity.”

Flowers is one of the few female “Think and Grow Rich experts in the world who translates the crusty, male, 100-year-old classic into modern business terms with specific processes to help women achieve more money and develop momentum, with consistency and predictability.

With the wage gap expected to close around mid-century and with many single mothers barely able to put food on the table, it is imperative women learn to influence their own outcome in business by mastering the principles of success. It will even the playing field sooner rather than later.

To learn more about women already studying these principles to close the wage gap in record time, visit: http://www.Leslie-Flowers.com/mavenZminds.