Leise Jones Photography: 7 Tips for Successful Business Headshots

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The image and message that a business headshot conveys is more important than ever. According to an eMarketer report, 77 percent of people are more likely to buy from business owners and professionals who have an online presence, making headshots essential to building rapport quickly and accurately.

While most people have had at least one bad experience getting their picture taken, Leise Jones, award-winning photographer and owner of Leise Jones Photography, says the right photographer knows how to help people feel relaxed and have fun while creating an image that builds brand identity naturally.

“I’m out to debunk this myth that having your picture taken is stressful and scary,” she said. “If you’re uncomfortable and nervous about being photographed, you won’t get a good photo, nevermind a great one. A professional portrait photographer uses posing and lighting to address the common things people worry about. That’s why I always tell my clients ‘just be yourself, I’ll do the rest,’ so they feel relaxed and get a great portrait that reflects their best image.”

Jones offers these seven tips for successful business headshots.

  1. Skip the selfies or snapshots

A selfie or snapshot may be authentic, but it is not a business headshot. Conveying a professional image takes more than a phone. Paying attention to details like lighting, setting and emotion shows that a business owner or professional cares about quality.

  1. Know what you want to communicate

Having a clear strategy about the purpose and function of a headshot will save time and money, and prevent the need for retakes. Clarity also reduces stress and boosts confidence during the photo shoot.

  1. Expect to look great

People are not genetically predisposed to taking good pictures, yet many believe they won’t look good. The real issue isn’t about appearances, it’s about knowing what pose, lighting, angle or smile looks best for each individual.

  1. Be yourself

Most people aren’t automatically relaxed and authentic in front of the camera. Work with a photographer known for putting clients at ease, and meet ahead of time to make sure he or she is a great fit.

  1. Add personal touches to a professional look

Clothes, hairstyle, makeup and accessories can reflect personality without overpowering or understating the overall look. Choose colors that complement skin tone and features. Keep hair and makeup simple and natural.

  1. Use it

Headshots are meant to have a life. Use it for social profiles, websites, business cards and marketing materials.

  1. Keep headshots fresh

Fashion and styles change quickly, and aging is inevitable. Get a new headshot every three to five years.  

“Leise not only picked a terrific location for all of our headshots, she made what is often times a stressful event relaxing and fun.” said J. Timothy Delaney, principal at Lowell, Blake & Associates. “Her process is interactive and collaborative; something often times lacking from other photographers. Leise is professional at every level and a gifted artist able to draw out the best in her subjects.”

Since 2009, Leise Jones Photography has created thousands of authentic, natural-looking photographs of people and events. Award-winning photographer and owner Leise Jones delivers photographs that tell a story, commemorate important days and communicate a mission for small business, non-profit and wedding clients. She also educates up-and-coming photographers with private mentorship programs and community education classes. For more information about portrait or wedding sessions, visit LeiseJones.com.

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