Leading Talent Development Coach Explains How Visionary Leaders are Made

The recent 2014 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report stated that the most important capability needed in the emerging generation of leaders is the skill to create a compelling vision and engage others, namely employees and customers,  into it. This is a surprising change from previous years where critical thinking has always been considered the most important quality.

Over 130 HR leaders worldwide interviewed in the report also said that the talent to be visionary is the one key ability they found most lacking in the next generation of potential leaders.  This is a cause for concern. Who will fill in the shoes of top positions in years to come?

Is it possible to develop leadership candidates to acquire the skills to be visionary? According to talent development and executive coach Nora Benyahya yes it is. Nora is a trained Ontological coach and also a PRISM Brain-mapping practitioner. In the last five years, she has done personal and group coaching for hundreds of executives internationally. According to her, “Being visionary is linked to using our right brain hemisphere. With the appropriate coaching over a period of time we can develop a candidate’s inherent ability for visionary thinking.”

She further explains “Brain plasticity or neuroplasticity means our human brain has the ability to change and adapt as a result of experience.” As certain behavior preferences are more dominant in some individuals than in others, her coaching process starts with identifying the brain-map of the candidates. Then a personal development plan is drawn up and Nora Benyahya works with the candidates to expand their competencies. The coaching period generally lasts six months. “It’s really about applying the art and science of targeted personal development”, she explains.

So, are leaders born or can they be made? Nora Benyahya’s experience shows that given time with the appropriate coaching process, candidates who are coachable and open to change can indeed learn the skills to make them leaders.

Noor Hajran, International Attorney at Hajran & Co says “The coaching has given me a heightened awareness of my leadership competencies which shows in my confidence level when dealing with many high-profile clients who pay top dollar for my legal advice”.

“It gave me a chance to discover and understand myself both personally and professionally enabling me to lead better. I recommended my key department heads to take it up!” says client Dr.Jagdeep Jassel, University Dean

Nora Benyahya can be contacted at nora@marcomways.com for a free personal consultation on how she can help grow your business by growing your talents.