Larry Block Offers New SaaS Marketing Techniques And Apps For Businesses With Mobile Marketing Technologies, Inc.

Larry Block, President of Mobile Marketing Technologies, Inc. a boutique marketing firm specializing in text message marketing, QR code marketing, website design and development and SaaS (Software as a Service) recently released several new cloud-based apps designed to help business owners grow their business. SaaS is web based software that exists in the cloud so it is accessible from any internet device.

Mobile Marketing Technologies, Inc. offers several SaaS platforms to help businesses grow. The Referral Rainmaker ( is a contact management automated marketing system. This system has a text platform, email platform and direct mail platform all built into the interface so business owners can manage contacts, daily schedule and marketing all from one spot. Connnectionite ( is an instant messaging system that brings the traditional “Phone Tree” into the modern world and offers a group communication solution. Online tools enable group leaders to communicate with all their group members at one time via text or email based on the group member’s preference.

Mobile Marketing Technologies, Inc. also offers Snap the QR – QR code marketing on the fly. Block explains, “ enables clients to build and edit QR codes. In other words, if you create a code today and print it on your business card and tomorrow decide to change the location of where the QR code points – you can easily make that change with our new system. In addition, we give you the ability to track your codes so that you have real analytics on your QR code marketing. You can create coupons, surveys, donations, event ticketing, offer a link to a website, GPS location, email and more.” The company also has Snap the Qr, the game – a coupon based program that allows the end users to scan a single QR code repeatedly and each time they scan the code, a different coupon will appear on their phone.

Another SaaS platform is called QR Operations. QR Operations is a program using QR codes for maintenance and inventory. Block explains, “For instance, we program all the information about a certain piece of equipment into the QR code and when that piece of equipment breaks down, the owner simply scans the QR code and the maintenance company is immediately contacted and dispatched. The technician has all the information on the equipment from serial numbers to history. When the technician completes service, they scan the same QR code and enter the details of what was done. For inventory purposes, a QR code is setup for each item. When that item is needed you simply scan the QR code and it is added to the current work order.”

Block adds, “We even offer ValetSnap – a QR based system that allows patrons to scan their QR codes from inside the restaurant and their car is waiting outside when they emerge from the establishment.”

Katherine Phelps, CEO of Beautiful Media, LLC says, “As a small business owner I was searching for an affordable resource for maintaining and building my data base as well as attracting leads. I turned to Larry Block and Mobile Marketing Technologies headquartered in Atlanta, GA. After a thorough assessment of my needs, Larry devised a unique plan that tied in with my website. Whenever anyone logs on or reads a free issue, their data (with their permission) is captured and databased for me. I can access the information at any time easily and am sent an email notification immediately. Being somewhat limited in my knowledge of various apps and programs, this system is extremely easy to learn and use effectively. It has enhanced my growing business as a magazine and book publisher.”

Brian Hilliard, Best-Selling Author of “Networking Like a Pro!” says, “The best way to describe to describe Larry is simple: The networker’s networker. Every time I go out and network, I almost always run into someone who knows directly, or has heard of Larry. Which is probably why his Referral Rainmaker CRM software is so good. It allows me to email, text and even send a card to individuals or groups from my database…all in one place.”

Contact Larry Block by phone at (404) 775-7982. To learn more visit: