Lady JB Owen Receives The Pioneer Award At 2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards

Lady JB Owen (Founder of Ignite Humanity) is the Pioneer Award recipient for the 2022 Be Great! Humanitarian Awards.

Lady JB Owen is a highly successful female entrepreneur, 22-time international bestselling author, founder, CEO, and philanthropist on a mission to ignite lives and impact humanity on a global scale through storytelling and charity initiatives. JB is CEO and Founder of Ignite Publishing™, the leader in empowerment publishing, and has been paving the way for authors worldwide to tell their personal stories to motivate, inspire, and uplift readers. Lady JB Owen has been knighted by the Royal House of Cappadocia and The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen for her entrepreneurial and philanthropic work with Ignite Publishing™, JBO Global INC., and Lotus Liners and her humanitarian work through the life-changing initiatives she runs and the extensive charity work she does.

JB and her Ignite Publishing™ team proudly support the Ignite Possibilities School of Hope charity initiative, which she founded in partnership with the nonprofit Classroom of Hope. Developed to coincide with the release of Ignite’s international bestseller Ignite Possibilities, the School of Hope initiative raises money to build homes in Indonesia. 

Additionally – JB has donated personal funds, dedicated significant portions of proceeds from book sales through her publishing company, volunteered countless hours, granted scholarships to over 100 authors, produced a variety of fundraising projects to support charities/initiatives/programs, and created successful social ventures, provided mentorship to young aspiring entrepreneurs, helped build International schools in Laos, Myanmar, Rwanda, Cambodia, and Indonesia, and much more. Learn more about JB & Ignite Humanity at

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Tom Chesser

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