Krysta Gerheim Is Helping Girls Handle Life’s Curves Through Softball

Few doubt the valuable insight and confidence that are gained by playing team sports. Softball is currently one of the most popular team sports for women and girls and Krysta Gerheim, of 365 Softball, Inc. (, is dedicated to helping them swing for the bleachers and reach for the stars.

Specializing in teaching the sport of fast-pitch softball, Gerheim is able to help her young clients hone their skills, gain specific skill sets, and ready themselves to take their playing to the next level, even with a career as a professional softball player. Gerheim is committed to encouraging girls to get on the field and play regardless of how far they would ultimately like to take their softball careers.

“The value of the work we do is immeasurable. While teaching our girls softball we are teaching the unseen lessons of hard work, time management, communication, teamwork, and confidence,” Gerheim says. “Young girls today deserve and need to feel empowerment and confidence, we give them the tools to do this.”

By working on developing specific skill sets – batting techniques, in- and outfield methods, at-the-plate coaching – Gerheim is able to coach the whole player toward a greater understanding of the game of fast-pitch softball and toward a greater sense of confidence as well. In addition to personal, one-on-one coaching, clients are able to gain invaluable playing and teamwork experience through live game play and working together in group activities and challenges.

Honored as First All-State Team Pennsylvania is 2009, Gerheim’s love of softball developed at an early age. With 365 Softball, Inc., she is trying to help cultivate that love in both the girls she coaches and their families. Gerheim is dedicated to helping all softball players, whether they are struggling with the most basic skills or simply ready to move on to the next level of their careers.

An ambassador for the sport, Gerheim routinely touts the benefits of playing softball and is committed to spreading the word about how coaching through 365 Softball, Inc. can help girls both on the field and in their day-to-day lives.

“The most rewarding thing about teaching the sport of softball is that being involved in this sport teaches you more than mere physical activity. It teaches teamwork and the importance of working with others,” Gerheim says. “It teaches time management, discipline, confidence and the power of winning. That’s my goal for my company: To grow, teach, and excel an amazing group of winners so they can continue on to be a winner in life.”

Currently available in Florida, but rapidly expanding into other states as well, Gerheim’s coaching is helping young softball players develop good habits, encourage an active lifestyle, and get a much needed boost in confidence, helping in all areas of their lives.

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