Kim Bleiweiss, Lean Dental Solutions, Inc. Teaches Dentists How To Run A Lean Practice

Kim Bleiweiss, MBA, M.Ed., President of Lean Dental Solutions, Inc. educates dentists and practice managers how to eliminate waste in the dental practice and create a lean business that contributes to making and saving money, leading to more profits. Bleiweiss explains, “Until very recently, dentists didn’t get training in business while in dental school so many struggle with the business aspects of growing and maintaining their practice. As a dental consultant, I provide management training and coaching for both the dentist and for the whole dental team. Dentists really need to understand how to implement leaner and more efficient office practices in order to get best value out of their time and money for the service that they provide.”

Bleiweiss provides Lean Practice Management and “Continuous Improvement” Consulting and Training for dental practitioners. According to Bleiweiss, there are seven main sources of waste in the dental practice: overproduction, waiting, unnecessary transport, over-processing, excess inventory, unnecessary motion and defects. Additionally, there is the waste that comes from underutilized talent. He seeks to teach dental offices how to make improvements in each of these areas in order to minimize waste.

Brenton Lively, Senior Product Manager at DenMat worked through a tough company transition with Bleiweiss at his side. He says, “His strong dental acumen, innovative way of seeing things, and continual positive attitude drove success and harmony in the group. Always quick to find a silver lining, Kim also understands how to make business more productive.”

Bleiweiss’ varied experience in the dental industry has made him an accomplished trainer and consultant with expertise in management, sales, lean management, strategic management increasing market share, new and existing process management, and professional relationship cultivation. His background includes developing and delivering training, sales and marketing, lean management, creation and development of new products and departments, and generation of sales tools and techniques.

Steve Jones, VP of International Sales at Axis/SybronEndo explains, “Kim’s way with people, combined with his organized way of thinking and presenting was always a great experience for all concerned, especially those attending the training he offers. He presents things in a logical, clear, and organized manner, engaging those he is speaking by being both supportive and approachable. Kim has the ability to connect with a diverse range of people and to speak on multiple subjects at the appropriate level. He always does a great job training both our reps, and the doctors who use our products. He is thorough and organized in his approach, and presents the training in a very relaxed but confident manner. Everyone leaves his training sessions or presentations knowing a lot more than they did when they entered.”

Kim Bleiweiss graduated from the University of Utah with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. He has been in the dental industry for 38 years and has worked in almost all facets of the dental industry including: Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Operations, Management, Training, and Research & Development. Kim earned his MBA and M.Ed in 2011.

To learn more about Lean Dental Solutions, Inc. and Kim Bleiweiss, visit his website at: To learn more about the Grasshopper Mouse dental management systems visit: Contact the office by phone at (714) 912-4183 or Toll-Free at (844) 222 9500 x 101.

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