Khrystyna Kozyuk’s Artistic Vision Is Transforming Spaces One Original Artwork At A Time

Born in Ukraine, Visual Artist Khrystyna Kozyuk ( was drawn to artistic expression as a very young child. While still a young girl, Kozyuk’s mother allowed her to paint murals on the walls of the family’s kitchen and by the age of 11, she was selling small pieces of artwork to tourists in her hometown of Chortkiv.

After graduating from National Wood Technology University in Lviv with a degree in Interior Design, Kozyuk immigrated to the United States in 2005. After a few years of scraping by with odd jobs and becoming more familiar with American culture and improving her English speaking skills, Kozyuk enrolled in Triton Design College to further hone her interior design skills.

Now, looking to turn her artist’s imagination and interior design know-how into a business, Kozyuk has launched her own business and website – Kozyuk Gallery – to help market her paintings to a wider audience. Focusing on creating large-scale, one-of-a-kind, original artwork for homes and commercial spaces, Kozyuk is actively seeking commissioned work. “My work is original and I try to be different,” Kozyuk says. “I think the value of my work will be increasing with time and I work hard to be successful as an artist.”

In creating her large modern canvasses, Kozyuk prides herself on her unique painting techniques and her ability to create visually interesting and relevant artwork that appeals to  Homeowners, Business Owners, and Interior Designers, alike. With her background in interior design, Kozyuk is able to create original art that can either complement or transform spaces, depending upon what her clients desire. So far, Kozyuk has been a huge success, noting that one client has nothing but her artwork on display at home.

“Lately I like to do abstracts on oversized canvases. It is a little challenging to start from a big pure white canvas, but it is like my personal, experimental laboratory,” Kozyuk says. “I work until I can stop and be satisfied with my work, and often, because of my passion, it is hard to stop.”

In creating custom, commissioned artwork with Kozyuk, clients get to interact with the artist directly, discuss their own preferences and communicate what niche they would like the piece or pieces to fill, aesthetically. Kozyuk’s design background affords her the freedom to work independently or collaborate with others as the situation demands.

With a quickly growing public following, Kozyuk is the recipient of many awards for her artwork. Most recently she was awarded as the 2014 winner of 9th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition at the Morpho Gallery, the 2014 winner of the Traces of Life in Arterie Fine Arts, the 2014 winning design for the Chicago Wells Street Poster Contest, and the 2014 Best of Show at the DuPage Art League for July, “Artistic License.”

Although an artist passionate in her own pursuits, Kozyuk takes her professional career and commitment to clients seriously. “I work with passions and have unlimited ideas, but I take what I do seriously,” Kozyuk says. “I am a big dreamer, but am constantly working on my self-development. Failure is not an option for me!”

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