Kelli Bradley, Senior Care Expert Reveals How To Prepare To Care for Aging Parents On Business Innovators Radio

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Brian Ainsley Horn, Kelli Bradley, Senior Care Expert, discussed ways adults can begin the process to care for aging parents.

According to Bradley, who is the founder of The Devoted the most important thing she helps clients with is taking away the stress of caregiving so that they can spend more time being there as a child and not just a caregiver.

Bradley said “In the hospital, you’re handed a pamphlet, you’re informed about the endless amounts of online information available, but you’re still left with so many questions on what to do with your family’s situation specifically. Or at least that’s how I felt countless times. The Devoted Daughter was founded to be that bridge that I felt was missing”.

Host Brian Ainsley Horn asked her what were the benefits of starting the preparation process early versus waiting for it to actually be a problem.

Bradley answered, “Well if you wait until you get that call in the middle of the night and somebody says that your dad had a heart attack and is on his way to XYZ hospital. Do you know what medications he’s taking? First of all, you’re caught off guard. Second of all, you’re stressed and anxious. You’ve got all these objectives that are coming at you that you’ve never even thought about. And when you find yourself in an emergency room in that urgent situation, and you’re having a conversation with a physician and they’re going over medications, or they’re talking about a diagnosis and it’s the first time you’ve heard it. It’s almost like you’re hearing a foreign language because you’ve never heard this terminology before.”

During the interview, she also recommends that anyone looking to hire someone to care for their parents should make sure that the person has the background and expertise. Each state has different rules and regulations. So you want them to have what’s necessary for your state to operate an in-home care company. And if there are helping with medications, that’s something that is very serious.  

The interview concluded with Bradley saying, “For her clients, it’s not about necessarily leaving their job or career. It could just be a pivot within the organization that says when a role is not like they thought it would be. Possibly someone that was promoted into a management role, but realized they don’t like running teams. So, they know they need to take a step back to a place where they thrive.”

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