Kat Kass Opens Unique Work Space For Beauty Professionals & Artists In North Hollywood, CA

Kat Kass, CEO of LA Mistinguette (miss-stang-get), designed a unique work space consisting of independent private studios to be occupied by professionals specialized in beauty, art, fashion or wellness. Each professional’s area of expertise does not overlap with one another and instead the dynamic gives the opportunity to collaborate and work together to provide clients with a variety of services from eyebrow shaping, to body art to health and wellness.

The shop is very classy and reminiscent of the early 1900’s and the structure (designed by Kass’s brother) and décor (styled by Kat) embodies the initial transition of Art Nouveau into the Art Deco design of the 1920’s. Kass’s inspiration and name of the workspace came from the famous French actress and singer in Paris during the 1900’s Jeanne Florentine Bourgeouis, whose stage name was ‘Mistinguett.” Her name as well as her persona has such an impact on Kass because her mother, aunts and grandmother whom are Swiss, referenced Mistinguett often, to describe a woman of great beauty, confidence and style.

Kass became involved with the beauty industry 10 years ago, she quickly understood the common inconsistency between how a person looks and feels. Many women, although looked good, lacked confidence and once a particular beauty service was performed quickly exhibited and expressed feeling of improvement physically and mentally. Clearly there was a correlation to looking good and feeling good.

LA Mistinguette is not only an opportunity for professionals to create in a sense, their own mini salon/parlor, where they can express their personal style via the décor, that has a more personable and relaxed environment than the tradition salon/parlor, and can excel in their passion alongside related but not competitive services at a fraction of the cost. But, by establishing a workspace expert mind, beauty and style related professionals, a go to location that encourages and establishes the feeling of being a Mistinguett is born.

Clearly with the way the economy is headed, shared workspace is the trend of the future. A recent article in Miami Herald says, “This is what these work spaces are all about, and an important ingredient of the entrepreneurial ecosystem South Florida is trying to grow.”

Kass has four studios and her personal niche is a Hair and Makeup Designer specializing in eyebrows shaping (known as the eyebrow God) and designing cohesive looks for fashion shows and print work. She has a hair stylist whose niche is hair extensions and color; a tattoo artist, a lash extensions expert and an intuitive that focus on Chakras balancing. This broad range of professionals and the overall feeling Kass has generated of allure and sophistication, clients leave with a feeling of confidence from the inside out and that’s what LA Mistinguette is all about.

For more information go to http://www.KatKass.com.