Kamila Gornia Is Making Small Businesses Dream Big

Not everyone can focus on the smallest of businesses, but Kamila Gornia (www.kamilagornia.com) has made a career of doing just that. As a holistic business coach, she’s dedicated to helping every business-owner succeed. With degrees in both Psychology and Integrated Marketing Communications, Gornia offers her clients unique insight into their own pysches and also into helping their businesses grow. “I love to be able to combine the two in the work that I do. I have been a social media strategist on agency side for several years and have a lot of experience working with bigger brands as well as my own passion projects,” she says. “This is what made me realize that I want to mostly work with micro-businesses. These are the ones that are really willing to get to work and make stuff happen for themselves in the best way.”

Honoring that dedication to personal success is only one way that Gornia serves her clients. In addition, she helps them gain the confidence needed to succeed and also to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their business. She helps small business owners focus on specific business-growing techniques and strategize marketing and business plans in order to help them not only run a better business, but also, to live a better life. Gornia offers her clients her wisdom and expertise to help push them up over whatever barriers may seem to be in the way.

Part of Gornia’s approach is developing new and innovative ways to connect with her clients, including starting the Virtual Book Club for Entrepreneurs. These live, online events draw viewers from all over the world and have helped to increase Gornia’s own client base. “The Book Club is now getting ready for its second live event and the first one had people watching live from all over the world, staying up in the middle of the night just to be a part of it,” Gornia says. “The inspiration and feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive and fantastic.”

In running her own small business, Gornia is able to provide her clients with unique insights and shared experiences. Before embarking on this latest endeavor, Gornia previously ran a photography business and also, a healthy-living blog. Both experiences taught her how to relate to people and build them up into being their best selves. As a result, she is able to bring that experience to bear in helping her coaching clients succeed.

Although once driven by her own artistic vision as an artist and photographer, Gornia is now invested in a different type of passion – each client’s success. “I love working with microbusiness owners who are passionate about what I do and they want their business to work because they feel it in their heart it’s their life’s purpose or mission,” Gornia says. “Whether their business is helping others or creating products that have a bigger purpose or aid in a cause, I absolutely love being able to support and guide those passion-driven solopreneurs in succeeding at their dreams, showing them that they can do it! The gratitude and excitement I get from them and the successes they share is more than enough for me to want to stay doing this.”

You can find out more about Kamila Gornia and her business at: http://www.kamilagornia.com.