Juliet Aydin, CEO of Jewels of Obsession reaching the top of the Fine Jewelry Design industry.

Juliet Aydin; having been around the Fine Jewelry industry all my life. Having worked in three fine jewelry stores and venturing out on my own, I decided to expand my world of Jewelry and became the CEO of Jewels Obsession, LLC and Designer for Guliette Verona Original Crown Rings.The establishment of Jewels Obsession, LLC has become one of the leading online Jewelry distributors opening the door for our popular Guliette Verona Original Crown Ring. The Original Crown Ring has successfully become the number one seller in Women’s Jewelry on Amazon! Due to its high demand, we have been welcomed by Walmart and the sky is the limit! We hope to reach all Women/Queens Leading the way! Her jewelry includes, ‘mantra’ pendants, which are engraved with meaningful words and sayings, weighty, gemstone and diamond-studded dog tags, shields, charm necklaces that can include daggers and crosses for protection and hope, and all styles of signet rings. Her full collection is based on the belief is that “as women, we are all multi-faceted and complex, yet we are independent and powerful enough to find light in the dark.”

Tera Jenkins

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