Joy Coaching America™ Announces Joy Coaching Academy™ as its Educational Division

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Karyn Lynn Grant, founder and CEO of Joy Coaching America ™, singer, song writer and bestselling author has received many awards and recognition for her work in comforting the broken hearted and grieving. Grant’s success since 2001 led her from her start with an in-home business called “The Cherishing Place” to what grew into Joy Coaching America™ and today now includes Joy Coaching Academy™. Karyn’s specialty in mending broken hearts with the healing arts shows continued success.

After considerable research via the UVU (Utah Valley University), the business marketing school stated: “there is no other comprehensive coaching business anywhere out there like this.” Two separate teams of undergraduate students in two different semesters both announced the same results reporting that “this is an excellent one of a kind program which combines all five senses in a faith-based platform for mending broken hearts and helping people raise their vibration to joy.”

Joy Coaching Academy™ is a Module-by-Module approach called, the Joy Coaching System™. It is an online Academy that has a Regional Joy Coaching America™ Program which includes six modules for developing one’s skills, awareness and areas of expertise. These include: Deep Relaxation Therapy, Emotional Well-being Facilitation, Empathy-Based Grief Coaching, Enthusiasm-Based Life Coaching and More.

One can determine for themselves if they wish to pursue a module at a time or enroll into the entire Regional Joy Coaching Program™. For professionals certified or licensed in other methodologies or practices, the Joy Coaching System™ is a wonderful add-on because it incorporates the utilization of all five senses in combination with varying holistic modalities.

A key component of Joy Coaching Academy™ is its resultant “Joy Coaches.” Those completing modules at Joy Coaching Academy™ are known as Joy Coaches™. Grant, The Joy Coach, LLC, devotes much of her time in mentoring her Joy Coaches across America. Joy Coaching Academy™ teaches Self-Nurturing, Self-Compassion and Relaxation Therapy Methods. The goal is to continue spreading a method which is assisting a growing number of those in need of solace, peace, relief from grief and loss and in helping hearts to gracefully transition from grief to joy.

Karyn has been blessed to find an ever increasing number of kindred-hearted women who feel the same passion as she does about “Nurturing Hearts, Homes & Families.” Grant finds joy in the thought of expanding Joy Coaching America™ into the Joy Coaching Academy™.

For those who proceed with the  Joy Coaching Academy™  curriculum, she has created nine additional Master Modules which provide continued online group mentoring, group coaching and nurturing for participating Regional Joy Coaches™. The program has evolved gracefully. It has continued to blossom across America. Karyn is finding women who are like hearted and like-minded beyond the fifty states to now include Australia. Karyn shared: “I am excited to join hands with women around the world in order to make this world “The Cherishing Place™ where we can all feel safe, nurtured and loved. Our goal is to bless families, children, single parents, communities and beyond with our hope for “Mending Broken Hearts with the Healing Arts” and raising the world’s vibration to joy.”

When asked about the launch of Joy Coaching Academy™, Karyn commented:
“I am so happy to announce that “Joy Coaching Academy™ is the specific educational vehicle for online training under the umbrella of Joy Coaching America™. I feel so much joy when I consider the way this has all evolved into a flowing, beautiful, nurturing, loving, ‘Joy Coaching™ business which incorporates so much more than cognitive therapy.”

The relaxation therapy is experiential in nature and uses all five senses to increase deep rest and relaxation when clients are feeling stressed, burdened in spirit or down-hearted. When Karyn began her in-home massage business, The Cherishing Place™ in 2001, it was truly in keeping with “the one” in mind. She questioned: “How could I nurture one person at a time who had met some sort of heartache or misfortune in their lives?” She wanted to help make the journey of each “one” she met, less stressful, more comfortable for heart, mind and spirit as well as the body. She longed to feel safe in a world that seemed so over-sized when it came to caring for the needs of “the one”.

When Karyn was asked if she is excited about the growth of her business, she stated, “Many people want their businesses to flourish overnight and reach mass multitudes….not so with this one….at first! I still love the idea of keeping it small, cozy and personable, yet realize more than ever, the great need that there is in the world today for an uplifting “Faith Based Program” that blesses the lives of many. Hence, I celebrate the on-coming Joy Coaches-in-training who have kindred hearts, minds and desires to minister to a world in need of love, peace, joy and comfort.”

The goal for Joy Coaching America™ in 2020 is to continue spreading an increase of this compassionate work with an emphasis on more rest and relaxation for couples and children.

To quote a Joy Coaching System™ recipient: “I am happy to be writing and sharing my experience about Joy Coaching™ and Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT. Seldom have I seen an individual touch the hearts of those around them with such care as I have seen and experienced with Karyn. The women she has brought into her Joy Coaching™ program display the same traits. They are nurturers and care deeply for those they are working with. I hold dear to my heart the way Karyn has shared her music and the messages which have brought peace and comfort to my heart during troubled times. Thank you Karyn for the influence you have and the movement you are driving to bring relief to communities in crisis.” —Jared Jarvis, AZ

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