Joshua Inglis Chicago Real Estate Broker – “3 Important Things Home Sellers Should Know”

Home sellers can choose how their home is sold. Depending on the choices they make, the process can be long and arduous or it can be short and fruitful. On too many occasions, home sellers focus on little trivialities instead of focusing what is most important.

Joshua Inglis, a Chicago real estate broker, explained it best when he said “There are three questions that people need to always ask any potential real estate agent they might hire: How will you market my home? What will be the listing price of my home? And finally, will you take professional quality photos of my property?”

The marketing strategy might seem like a no-brainer, but it would surprise the average person how many times it is overlooked in favor of a quicker and lazier strategy. Less successful real estate agents will not put too much effort in marketing a home, other than listing it and planting a “for sale” sign on the front lawn. This is almost certain to fail. A successful real estate agent will follow through with social media posts, 360 degree interior videos, and other effective tricks that are much more likely to help the home sell.

Pricing the home properly is also of upmost importance according to Joshua. Besides researching the neighborhood’s surrounding properties as a starting point, he said that the home’s price should never be an odd number (for instance $399,000). Instead, a home seller should price the home at $400,000. Market research and analysis has shown that homes priced with even numbers sell more frequently and much more quickly.

Finally, high-quality pictures are the absolutely most important part when trying to sell a home. Most buyers use pictures when deciding if they would like to go to a showing. In other words, if the pictures are bad, there is no chance they will show up. Providing potential buyers with beautiful pictures is the first step in getting them to look at the home, and any good real estate agent knows that getting interested buyers to show up is half the battle. If they arrive because the pictures impressed them, they have already considered buying the home, if only subconsciously.

Mr. Inglis summarized it best when he said, “Whatever real estate agent a home seller hires, they need to make sure the agent will do those three things. The home is the largest investment that somebody can make. Hiring the wrong agent can be a very costly mistake and can lead to a loss of thousands, and even tens of thousands, of dollars.”

Home sellers should always keep in mind the optimal goal when selling their home. It needs to be sold at the highest price and in the shortest amount of time.

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