Jonathan Smith MD MBA Certified Corporate Wellness Coordinator (BWI) | The USDA Is Completely Wrong About The New Food Pyramid

Jonathan Smith MD MBA Certified Corporate Wellness Coordinator (BWI) said “The average person is following the USDA Health & Human Services guidelines to reduce their fat and reduce their cholesterol then make up the extra calories by having carbohydrates.”

As a result of the Swedish study on nutrition in 2013, it was discovered that a diet consisting of 50% fat, saturated fat (that’s butter, lard, coconut oil, olive oil and the like) was far more efficient in reducing fat and reducing obesity than the standard American diet. Following the Swedish guidelines, people were healthier and had much more energy.

Dr. Smith poses the question “Why do you think it is that the United States, the USDA, does not go along with the Swedes? We, Dr. James Sutton, Consulting Psychologist and I, at think that it is completely upside down and we’ve challenged the USDA on that matter.”

Some think that there is a lot of big money and big investment from the agro industry and from the pharmaceutical companies. For instance, you can read that treating high cholesterol with statins is not the answer to overcoming obesity. In fact, statin drugs tend to poison mitochondria, so that’s an absolute adverse effect. Cholesterol is simply a transport chemical in your body. It’s not exactly the source of the fat that the USDA claims is causing obesity.

The amount of saturated fat that a person can take in is far more efficient in applying calories to their body. Food is fuel and we need fuel to work just as we need good fuel in our cars. We truly are what we eat. If we eat junk food which is rich in carbohydrates the calories will not be as efficient as if we relied on saturated fats as a fuel.

Saturated fats produces 9 calories per gram versus carbohydrates which only produce 4 calories per gram, so eating saturated fats is a much higher octane fuel if you will.

When asked about the relationship between Round Up’s current negative information Dr. Smith replied “There is a lot of money invested in this and if the USDA goes out on a limb they stand to lose a lot of backing from big industry. It’s a power play of big industry and money against the health and wellness of the country coupled with a massive, inadequate knowledge base on the part of the people.

“People don’t know this, people don’t really care, people actually are quite lazy about it and they think if they have cookies and cream it’s good for them.”

Jonathan Smith MD MBA Certified Corporate Wellness Coordinator (BWI) graduated from medical school at the University of Cape Town. He was part of the double heart transplant team that did two operations. He practiced anesthesia for forty years in which he kept people alive in spite of what the surgeon was doing. Then he went to business school and had a 180 degree shift in focus from treating illness to promoting wellness and coupled that with the ideas that healthier is wealthier; that we are spending a lot of money on our healthcare, on absenteeism, on workers comp, on healthcare costs, and even on what is known is talent succession.

He switched focus from treating illness to promoting wellness. Finding that wellness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise he became very interested in what sort of nutrition would be better for the human being to work more effectively, more efficient, more productive and therefore more creative.

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