Jon James Brings Authority to the Table With Forbes Council

Many people say that they have accomplished this task when they are applying to the Forbes Council, and yet Forbes insists that it is proven for even being considered. That is quite a task for any influencer and that is why their expertise is so valuable to anyone who is trying to expand their business. Members of the Forbes Council are not merely talking the talk, but they are walking the walk.

Jon James is a digital marketing expert who is specifically focused on assisting clients with positioning themselves as experts in the market and ensuring that they accomplish their revenue goals. Jon has developed a specific system in which he creates his clients as experts and then helps them to expand their market reach and tap into new niches. Jon created Ignited Results to put that entire system into play and provide a service to clients to assist them with gaining the outreach and the assistance that they desire. Jon has a powerful proprietary process drilled down to a science and knows how to assist companies of all sizes.

What is Influencer Positioning

Many companies out there are aligning their brands with influencers these days, and they are doing this because of the expertise of the influencer. The person that they are bringing on board has to have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure that they are able to assist with driving new revenue as well as expert positioning for the client. That means that a company needs to have a process for vetting the influence as well as the results of that influencer before bringing him or her aboard. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. What is the Outreach of this Influencer

You want to take a look at the number of followers that the influencer has and ensure that he or she is able to fit the demographic you are trying to reach out to. You want to also look at how well the engagement is happening with reach out so that you know how you are going to convert to getting new followers as well.

  1. How Valid is the Influence

You need to think about how much influence you are getting for your money and know that you are going to get real feedback from bringing them aboard.

  1. Engagement

When you bring someone on board you are also bringing their entire network as well and that means that you need to know how valuable that network is. You need to see if you will get the engagement and conversions you are seeking as well.

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