John Grab on Personal Development, Growth and Overcoming your Adversities

John Grab centers his life around helping others conquer life’s hurdles while upholding a positive and ambitious approach. However, his life has not always been the easiest. He bounced around from job to job and always felt paralyzed by his choices. Eventually, he stumbled upon his passion for helping businesses and building up the self-worth of others leading to a successful career.

John started from the ground up as he formed his team of professionals who also shared his same passion and beliefs. He was very overwhelmed by the response he received from his fellow co-workers on how much he was inspiring people and helping others to turn their lives around just as he did.

To quote John – “It was no longer about helping people, it was about building people.”

He is so passionate about his work, that he wants to continue helping companies and people who may be stuck in ruts or personal issues in any way he can. Breaking things down and rebuilding from the ground up is what he emphasizes because he wants to truly understand what the person or business is dealing with. This way he can create a step by step plan to overcome any issues that are being faced and tackle them accordingly. With his struggles and past experiences, he is able to empathize with anyone he encounters and understand their pain. Having the ability to relate on a personal level, gives him a competitive edge and has brought nothing less than a favorable response.

His approach is very genuine and believes that one should only focus on the positives in life because these will take them the farthest. The negative things may consume and bring you down which is why you should never let them take control of your thoughts and actions. Struggling is not always easy, therefore, one should be able to determine what happens in their life versus what is happening. John believes in people and their potential to overcome any adversary. He wants people to believe in their focus and the good things about life. When you focus on the positive and have a vision, it can take you far because your focus often determines so much of your reality.

People are often hesitant to hire a life coach because they may feel it’s just a title and someone feeding empty words to make you feel better. If you’re suffering job loss, divorce or any of the million difficulties that occur in life, it can take a toll which is why people lose often direction. Life coaches are there to help you navigate that difficult road and remove the things holding you back in life. Even though we can’t control everything, life coaches are there to help you find ways to become a more positive person.

John believes in the message of helping people and made it his life’s work to help those in need. If it weren’t for this change, John would probably still be very unhappy in another job. His motto of “Attitude of Gratitude” has helped him go along way and be much more appreciative for what he has now. He is very thankful to have found something that he enjoys and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Alicia Dibrell

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