John Curran, Certified Master Life Coach Discusses Small Business Coaching

Many individuals may be interested in life coaching. One individual that knows a lot of information in terms of life coaching is John Curran. John Curran is a well known coach that is a personal and business coach, he specializes in life and business coaching. John is the owner of located in Las, Cruces New Mexico. He travels all over the country to work with business and corporate clients, and also works with many small business owners. He also handles clients via Skype. John can pick up cues from individuals since they are on video and can use Skype to pick up non verbal information from individuals such as their body language and their degree of awareness.

A variety of coaching is used in business. Johns specialty is small business coaching, and he can help small business owners remove the blocks that may be keeping them from fulfillment in their personal and professional life. John is well known in the field and holds advanced coaching certifications. He makes his services available to business professionals all over the US and Canada. He also works with personal development coaching and life coaching. Curran is a well established professional that is known all over the U.S.

Curran has a certain passion for small business coaching and small business owners. They may feel stuck in meeting their goals. Small business owners may need to get unstuck in order to move forward with their business goals. John Curran meets with these small business owners. Working on baby steps to move forward is one of the keys to help individual owners move forward with their life and meet their business goals. Visioneers can look at the big picture. however, they may have difficulty trying to do too much at once.

John says that many owners of businesses get into the habit of micromanaging and business owners need to trust and let go of control. They need to have people in key positions so that they can trust that the job is done well. Learning to delegate and let go of control is something important for small business owners to take advantage of. Individuals need to get down to their core issues and their blocks. They may have bad habits they need to be aware of and the blocks that they have. They may not even be aware of the unconscious blocks that they have. Small business owners may wish to improve themselves, and they may need help in order to move forward.

John Curran gives the analogy of one person keeping one foot on he brake and the gas. There are specific coahing techniques to remove the blocks that affect their life and allows them to move forward in their business life. John Curran goes on to talk about the life experience and what they need to have in their tool belt in order to be successful as a life coach. Coaching is unregulated, but coaches should have strategy and assessment at a minimum. Life coaching is a growing profession and those with training in life coaching can help their clients go much further than they could on their own.

Coaches need to be great listeners and have to be empathetic. Therapy will often deal with the past where coaching deals with the future, and where the person is right now. Being a good communicator is important. John discusses using a life coach to get unstuck in your life and reach your full potential. Know the right things to ask to help the individual with their self awareness.

More and more people are going forward to get an edge with coaching and make sure that they will get the options that they need in terms of coaching and small business.The trend is toward continuous improvement and further regulations in the coaching industry. Curran points out the coaches that do well are those that are the ones with the most training. Coaching is a resource to allow individuals to get ahead with their business ventures. Those who use coaching will get out of their own way, and may be more likely to have successful businesses.

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