Jim Timlin, San Diego Promotional Product Expert | Advertising Specialties – Good Planning Makes For Good Results

Jim Timlin, a San Diego Promotional Product Expert says, “Some people call it promotional products. Some people call it advertising specialties. The business is really about providing solutions to help people promote their business. Many times those solutions are in forms of items that may be as much as $20 a piece, or as little as 59 cents a piece.”

Many companies will routinely pick up the phone or go online to buy their “annual purchase” of pens or coffee mugs for no other reason than a few years ago they bought them and it’s time to buy them again. But like any other aspect of a Marketing Plan, far more thought should take place before the purchase is made.

One of the first considerations to make is the customer you will be giving the promotional product to. If they are older the appropriate gift will be totally different than one to be given to someone younger. If they are female the selection should not be one that would just appeal to a male. The number of people or clients you want to impact also has a major role to play. If your target is 20 people or 100 people or 5000 people, that affects a lot of what you’re going to do or are going to be able to do. If the gift is to be handed out in a trade show it will be very different than one that is given to say thank you for the sale, different both in utility and cost.

Think outside the box. One overlooked style of gift is one that would be appropriate and appeal to pet owners. The perfect promotional product will tie your business along with an item the prospect or client can use. One example of a perfect combination is the glass shop that gave a band-aid dispenser as their gift.

Planning in advance is also of great value. If you’re the person that waits until the last minute, you’re probably going to pay more per unit for the product. For the most part, the people that are most successful in their promotional product program are the ones that plan ahead. Many companies plan ahead as much as six to nine months. They plan far enough ahead because in their experience they’ve realized that with many of the products there are many decorators that provide the same item. There are some that just do quick run service, and there are some that do the service and it takes them a little bit longer. The folks that take a little bit longer typically have a lower selling price.

Jim also told us, “Provide a promotional product with less quantity and higher value, higher perceived value, which may have a little bit higher cost. Instead of trying to find a 24 cent pen, give out less items of a higher value and cost, and you’re going to get a better return on your investment.”

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